Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kathy, I am very glad you commented. I feel that Meredith, was like a daughter to me even though I have never met her. We are all children of nature and she not only saw the beauty in nature, but lived it. Go to www wes side story Safety tips on the AT , wxia tv, Atlanta. I want the truth to come out about Meredith and for the other victims to be reunited with their families and loved ones. I have made the decision to sacrifice myself if neccessary to achieve this goal. I know the consequences.

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Glenn Adams said...

Little britches, and retired teacher, I thought I was talking to my self for a minute there. Trying to think up phrases with ho in them. Thank you both for your support and participation. I sincerely that Meredith would be here leading the charge for the unidentified victims.
Little Britches, please research the Dekalb Debocle, arson 3 counts; with occupants: 1982, I think her name was Karen Brown or Green. Hilton said, "If I can't have you nobody can. I need the Judge, DA, Arresting Officer and Arson Inv.'s names and the disposition.

Channel #5 said, police in Tallahassee, FL, have
linked Hilton, with a murder there. They just keep adding up. I wonder how many people have been proscecuted for Hilton's dirty deeds? Remember, if you are charged and win in court, you loose your life due to financial ruin, stress to your families, and who wants to befriend a suspected murderer. There will be a significant number to show just how broken Justice System. What say you Legal Eagles. Cat got your tongue?,...

The "My Cousin Vinny", Sequel continues