Saturday, February 9, 2008

Abandoned Densmore house, vacant for over 10 years, I am confident that Hilton has been using this property for his evil deeds for many years. The weather on 01/01/08, was low of 15 degrees and 50+ MPH winds. This is why he stayed in the House ionstead of his usual outdoor pattern. In the daytime, he would move to the out-buildings due to the property being for sale.


justme said...

Thanks for setting up your blog and the pictures. I just started reading through your blog entries; did you actually see GMH at this house? Seeing GMH I would have never suspected him to be a killer since he was older which is why I suspect he went unnoticed for so long.

I do agree this man has been doing this for a while. It appears he made his living preying on unsuspecting souls. He had money for gas and traveled the entire south-east not to mention a newer car paid in full. I’m sure all of this was funded by his victims.

Glenn Adams said...

I have over 300 photos and will post them as soon as I can get tecnical assistance. I have offers. I haven't paid bills in a month, spending a couple of days catching, then it's full steam ahead. I have to prioritize.
I found aprox 12 ladies outfits, purses and kids shoes in shed where he housed his van for the 4 days. Found a bucket of sand, he used to snuff out his cook-fire.
Hilton went to a church and got $50.00 from the deacon just days before capturing Meredith. He most likely did this at many churches; front money if you will.
Steve Watson, saw him standing in the front of the abandoned house at 9AM, on 01/04/08, said he looked like a statue. He was out of town and didn't see the description of him. I contacted the Union Co. Tip Ctr. on 01/06/08, they checked with cadiver dogs. They were only a couple of miles below me searching when I called. Remember the 3 LocalCounty Sheriffs depts. were not notified; EGO. I saw his vehicle hid in the woods at 6:30 Thurs.1/03/08. My info said that the BOLO by the GBI, was the wrong vehicle. Go figure... Vinny

Glenn Adams said...

Mr. Adams,
Should have, would have, could have, it makes no difference NOW. He may have had 100 victims, but he won't anymore because he is locked up and I don't forsee him getting out any time soon. I appreciate the fact that you honor my opinion although you don't agree with my philosophy....isn't AMERICA great! This is the only country where you have those liberties Mr. Adams, the same liberties in which you claim to have defended and I appreciate your service. Although we are afforded rights in this country, it doesn't make America perfect. Our economy is not perfect, our politics aren't perfect, there are so many things less than perfect in this world, but I don't waste my life counting them. By the way, I don't recall recommending therapy for you sir, but if you feel that you need it, I might would encourage it. I've read all the posts on this thread. You and I have a difference of opinion because of our differences in back grounds and beliefs. Our entire country is made up of folks just like me and you.....people who aren't perfect. Condemnation in children does not encourage children to change their behavior, neither does condemnation of those who serve and protect us everyday. It's people who choose to constantly condemn others that never see the positives in those same people. I don't understand how you can hold yourself hostage by choosing to wallow in the could haves, would haves, should haves of this case. I don't believe that it was right for Hilton to be allowed to go unnoticed, but it happened....can't change it today or tomorrow. I am very knowledgeable about this case, I am very close to one of the detectives here and I have heard some things before the public was aware. What you don't know is what he told law enforcement in those 100+ hours of questioning because you weren't there. None of do, and probably never will. Levi Frady does not fit Hilton's MO, he was NOT decapitated (please check your sources again) and Mr. Bryant was in the wrong place at the wrong time, just like Meridith, just like you or me or any of us when other people crack. I believe that because he was so close to your home it has unnerved you. Well, he's not coming back. We may never know all of the things he did, but he will pay for his sins. I pray that you will find some way to go on with your life before your family falls apart. Being obsessed with anything (money, job, the world) only leads to destruction. You have to choose your battles wisely. Again, I find the posts on here to be quite informative but sometimes wrong. The best part of all is that we enjoy the right to debate, blog, be opinionated and with all the ills in America, we're still the BEST country of all. May God bless the family of all victims of violence at the hands of another, every one that we know about and those we don't. Thanks, Just a Thought

Just a thought,
I am very sorry that I missed your response to my post, when addressing your comment. Again, I apreciate your opinion and debate on this tragic incident. The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel has been in existence for about two years now. My son Roman was sent to a Maximum Security Prison by a Justice System that is so busy taking care of their own by using intimidation and retribution on others that are not part of the "Family", if you will, that it is incompetent in the function that it was designed to do; Insure Justice for all, proscecute law violaters, while insuring the Constitutional rights of all of its citizens. I have drawn this conclusion; through experience, observations, investigating; as well as receiving the wrath of the disfunctional: Good Ole Boy; network, that is our present day Justice System in Georgia is broken. I do not base this conclusion on conjecture or opinion.
To address your follow up argument: One hundred victims, although this number is very conservative to you it apears to be acceptable. If Meredith had been your family member or neighbor, I assure you one victim is too many. Hilton was arrested in 1982; Dekalb County of 3 counts of attempted murder by arson. He would have been incarcerated had the system worked. It seems the court records have vanished: CYA. Explain why he wasn't. CYA, I know why, I would like to know your take on this, since you have inside info, I don't.
Mr Bryant, Mrs. Bryant, and Meredith were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just a thought, Hilton was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like a up and coming, X Pickens Co. DA said: "This is not the Wild West!" Hilton was in the wrong place at the wrong time: he should have been in Prison.
You say you don't see him getting out of prison anytime soon, research Ted Bundy, Hilton makes him look like an amateur, could have been his Professor. I am sure you can relate to that. Bundy arrived in Florida where he raped and mutilated the college students, via Prison Escape.
Have you seen the state of GA's Prison System: 90% fanatic Muslim, that's just the guards. New State Program: rid downtrodden from projects; Bowen Homes, Perry Homes, etc. train them to be Prison Guards. I witnessed this personally, go see for yourself. The moral is rock bottom, they drive 20 year old vehicles, under budgeted, and underqualified. Only time will tell.
About the cannibalism, read the Dawson Sheriff's comments concerning Hilton: model prisoner, whe he gets near him he feels the evil. Just a thought, you can take this for what it's worth. Until his victims released his demon from my head, I could visualize his evil deeds. It was virtially like being Hilton for several days, I literally took on his physical apearance.
You say you were privy to over 100 hours of questioning, did you ascertain the folling info:
He is very intelligent; will tell you only what he wants you to know. That he never purchased groceries, specifically meat, that he was caught on 6 Walmart sec tapes leaving his victims cars and riding off on a bicycle. That he is intelligent, educated, charasmatic, friendly,military trained, sociopathic, Airborn Ranger; 2 tours in Nam (his story); hiked the trail with 150# bag; praticing for victim removal,field dressed his victims behind the densmore house, once he was forced to leave the primitive campsite at Wildcat Tract :Dawson Forest; WMA, due to the Big Canoe Hiking club frequenting the area and invading his privacy?
Just a thought, if you are privy to 100 hours of interviews with Hilton, can you elaborate? if so please do. If not, this is why he has been so effective; AMW: 985 fugitives captured due to publics inclusion. When will they learn. Ego, does not equate to Meredith Hope Emerson, or any of his victims lives.

The "My Cousin
Vinny", Sequel continues.....

Glenn Adams said...

Nifong, is old news and an amateur.

You want some real corruption and legal missconduct IMO, go to Dekalb /County, Georgia and find out why Gary Michael Hilton's Court Records have disapeared from his 1982 arrest for 3 counts of Attempted Murder for Arson> He set his fiance's house on fire, with her and her parents inside, fortunately they were rescued or escaped. He should have been incarcerated since then for life. Why wasn't he go to

Read his timeline and arrest record. Why was he allowed to circumvent Justice, and stalk and slaughter our families, friends, Pursuit of Happiness... not for his many victims or the people charged for his crimes, get off your buttocks, media and find some answers. "

The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel continues.......Shouldn't you be doing this?"

Glenn Adams said...

Response to justme:
Steve Watson, of Watson's Grading, lives down the road at Afton and Hwy #183, opposite another abandoned house and a storm shelter, that I tracked Hilton too. He saw Hilon, "STANDING LIKE A STATUE", in the front yard: 01/04/08. He went from there to the Atlanta Trac, Dawson Forest WMA; where he buried her remains.. I am confident that she was held in the abandoned house, until the bitter weather broke, at night only, due to the for sale sign. Glenn Adams, thanks for your comment..

Glenn Adams said...

Thank you.

Rhonda Cook
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
03/23/08 04:31 AM
Subject partial timeline of Gary Hilton. Call Steve Moranos for Hilton's primary campsi

Emerson | News Ch…
Jan 28, 2008 … “I think this is a wonderful tribute to her, I think the spirit of Meredith … Once established, the “Meredith Hope Emerson Award for Study …… - 29k - Similar pages
Meredith Emerson - Mahalo
Official MySpace Page: Meredith WARNING: Set to private; YouTube: Tribute to Meredith Hope Emerson 1983 ~ 2008 (Time 4:23) … - 62k - Similar pages

Meredith is only one of Gary Hilton’s many victims both living and deceased, many are in prison, and many are in graves. I feel that our Justice System is broken to allow such a tragic incident to happen. He was the creative Writer for the Movie: “Murder Run in the North GA Mountains: Wolfcratch. How many movies did he act out/ How many victims are there, and why is the media shut down. I feel that Hilton is not the first, last, or only. God, I hope I am wrong, but I am confident that I m not. Please help me get Justice for Meredith and his many other victims.

Sincerely: Glenn Adams: Wolfscratch

I have backtracked Hilton since 01/06/08, he is the Hannibal Lectar of the 21st century. It is my opinion that he is not the first, last or only, or the Murder Run Movie ios not the only movie he stared in or intended on making.
I am a dowser, and have found 6 of his burial grounds, I feel he has many more. This is not conjecture. I called out the K9’s, they were blocked. Safety tips blog was shut down twice with 3000 comments total. Contact WXIA TV, Atlanta, GA, and voice your opinion of this censorship; nonsense. Lack of media truth is why he was allowed to do his evil deeds for decades!…
I documented my findings for protection and memory purposes. I know where he has been in;”Wolfscratch”, and what he did while he was here. I even took on his physical apearance and was assaulted twice, because of this.
I will not give up on getting justice for his victims until: I am committed, arrested, or my dowsing rods point to me!…

Glenn Adams; wolfscratch

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 17, 2008 at 6:48 am
In my search for the truth concerning Hilton’s rein of terror, I have uncovered many ironies; He was arrested for 3 counts of attempted murder when he torched his fiancees house with her and her parents inside. This was in Dekalb Co., GA. The arrest records are available, the Court Records: Vanished! Who was the Judge? DA? Arson Investigator? Arresting Officer? Does the Brian Nichols case or fiasco have anything to do with the records disapearing?
Hilton was ritual killer. This is why he had no victim profile. I have tied 15 identical traits to; Joshua from the “Old Testament. He was a soldier, as Hilton portrayed. Hilton hijacked hs traits in an evil way. Joshua took the helm when Moses died at the top of Mount Pisgah. The Bryants were captured at Pisgah National Forrest. It is my opinion that Hilton’s next movie would have been tittled “The Jerrico Wall”.. I will elaborate later……

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 7:12 am
Finding the white clay substance, at two of his campsites that is similar to the white clay, of the mask Hilton, used when he us; Mrs. Duncan’s; ATM cards is why I am leaning in this direction: Hilton emulating Joshua in an evil way.
White clay substance: Dowsing rods indicate it is of human origin.
Hilton carried a Huge Huntint Knife; similar to machette
Appalacian Mountains: Ancient; oldest in the world.
Steve Watson: “I saw him standing in front of the abandoned; Densmore House like a statue.” Joshua did this after conquering a people.
Joshua stood on a mound, like a statue, after conquering Jerusalem, Hilton always camped near East Mississipian; Indian Mound. The Cherokees called them; “The Ancient Ones.”
Gary Hilton collected the Mound Dwellers; Artifacts, and adorned his victims graves with them. He could read the signs in these artifacts, which were tools and artwork made from rocks.

Appalachicola Indians: Appalaciatian Mountains named after them. Appalacicola; where Mrs. Duncan, was taken.
Amicacola River; same size as Jordan river, where it dumps into the dead sea.
Ritual Killer; Joshua, would hang victims from a tree until sundown, then perform rituals on them.
Joshua was the Soldier’s soldier; Hilton claimed to be a two tour of Vietnam; Airborn Army Ranger. He actually went to Germany, as I. In his deviated mind he believed this to be true, and carried himself as it were true. While back-tracking him, this was very obvious. He left his campsites as they were when he arrived; as rangers are trained. He would bury his trash in black plastic bags.
If you observe; Hilto, in court, he carries himself as a Soldier, showing no remorse, as did the Oklahoma; Fed Bldg. bomber; McVay…
Joshua, ha one member from each tribe under his command. I am concerned that Hilton, did not act alone!
How many decades, has this Evil, demonic, ritualistic, cannibalistic: SERIAL KILLER, of Hannibal Lectur; magnitude, been doing his dirty deeds? How many others are involved? Why was he not encarcerated in 1982; for life, in Dekalb Co., GA. Why have the Court Records Vanished?
These are only a few of the questions, that the media needs to be asked…
Will it be 40 years before Hilton’s victims are reunited with their families? The Truth will perservere!…

Wolfscratch; may they rest in peace…

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 11:48 am
A few points that were left out in my last post:
The white clay mask was placed on the Skull during burial rituals in the Neolithic(Stone) Age. The people buried their dead beneath the floors of their dwellings. The burials were very elaborate, and included the molding of a clay shell over the skull. Sea shells were used as the eyes. This clay mask is identical to the one Hilton wore.
The E. Mississippian Indians built rock walls that were used to trap fish when the river got out of it’s banks. Hilton Stayed near these walls in Wolfscratch/Dawson Forest; WMA. The Jerrico wall.
He marks his burial grounds, which have multiple graves, with multiple remains in many of them, with glass canning jars. His victims are decapitated with glass jars. And Hilton destroyed; man, woman, young and old, with the edge of his sword, as did Joshua..
Joshua rose early in the morning. The abandoned house is less than 300 yards from my home, it is for sale, with sign. I woke up at 4 AM, every morning he was here with knots in my stomach. I have never done this before or since…

It was reported by the GBI that; Hilton has MS. He was self diagnosed MS, and had a DR., Prescribing him Riddilin in large doses. I feel he has CJD; Creichfield Jacobs Disease. Research this. The GBI; PR unit said Hilton held Meredith for 3 days: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday = 4 days: GBI Math! Following SOP, and a simple 911 call by John Tabor would have captured Hilton and rescued Meredith Emerson, I am confident of this. I saw his vehicle in the woods next to my house on thurs., but thought it was campers. The GBI, did not get this info to the media…
He used broomsticks, in a perverted way. IMO

Wolfscratch: may they rest in peace…

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 12:34 pm
Bonnie, by the way, that’s my wife’s name. I have put my family and friends through severe stress through out my journey to get Justice for Meredith and Hilton’s many, many victims. I feel that I am being led by his victims. I can not explain why I can see things that I shouldn’t, know things that I shouldn’t, or find things that dogs cvan’t find. I just know that I have, and I can’t get any help from Law Enforcement, only hinderance. They don’t have a clue and don’t want one. IMO I feel that tyhey are in the PR; CYA mode due to the ramifications of what I have been reporting since 01/06/08: Over 100+ victims in graves and in Prisons. Just my Humble Opinion.
If anyone saw the new show; “Castlebury’s Law”, this will give a clue to my knowledge on this subject. I would much rather the news media do this, but they seemed to be in hiding…
Wolfscratch; may they rest in peace…

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 2:25 pm
This is my response to another bloggers question; why is the media silenced about Hilton? Why do they keep censoring my posts and closing blogs that I comment o? There are many possible reasons for the silence:
Indictment; against the Justice System: 100’s of innocent people in Prison. If your spouse or lover came up missing, and you did not have an alibi, you would be charged, and with an indictment above 90%, chances are you will go to prison. Gary Hilton was a secret until; January of 08…

The “Good Ole Boy”; network, has been retributing amnd intimidating the common folks, while letting this evil demonic serial killer, live in our community, oblivious to LE.

Embarrassment and Pending litigation from admitting incompetence.

Upcoming Presidential and other Elections; politics.

Truth of 1982 Court records; Dekalb County; 3 counts of attempted murder by Arson.

For this to have gone on for so many decades, there has to be other people involved, IMO. Were they people in authority? Is this being investigated by a higher power? In my opinion, it is….may Hilton’s many, many victims rest in peace….


glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 3:23 pm
If it has not been sensored yet, you can click my name and go to my blog where I have a few pics of my journey and the Tribute memorial I built for Meredith Hope Emerson.
My plan for the Memorial is; Get media attention while letting people visit it at 105 Goshen Church Rd, Dawsonville GA, 30534. I am in the process of adding music and placing it on Utube and My Space. After a few months I will try to get sponsors to place it at Licensed Animal Rescues for a few months, to help them with donations and adoptions, then pass it on to another. I feel that this is the least I can do in her memory, she was my neighbor for just four days…

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 3:57 pm
This blog was censored by : “The King” at WXIA T, for not agreeing with his philosophy. It had 2000 comments, The next blog which was started by loyal bloggers was: What happened to safety Tips? It had 1200 comments in 4 days. The 3rd blog, was called What Happened? If you say: Santa says Ho Ho Ho Ho merry Christmas, it will display as “Santa says ** ** ** ** Merry Christmas. What is Santa to do? That’s WXIA TV, ridiculous!
—– Wrote —–

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glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 4:10 pm
Linda Bass, Most of these LE Departments are in the pre 09/11/08; mode or strategy. It is the us against them attitude, or the “This case is under investigation;” routine.
This policy is causing precious lives, due to the loss of resources. The American public could be the eyes and ears of LE, but due to EGO’s, it is not utilized, and it is free. AMW; 985 Fugitives apprehended due to public involvement. When will they learn, lives are too precious to gamble with!

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 4:19 pm
I am going to give a descriptive name to Gary Hilton that should paint a picture for the bloggers, that is based on my findings: Evil, Demonic, Caniballistic, Ritual: SERIAL KILLER: The Hannibal Lectur, of the 20th and 21st century. I would to love to put him to death for his evil deeds, revive him, and repeat, however he doesn’t care. He would be a Lieutenant upon arrival in Hell! If he has CJD, he has a short life span. He needs to be studied and interrogated to get the truth about any accomplices…..
Wolfscratch; taking a break so someone can post…


glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 4:42 pm
My reply to Sleddog, from another blog. He is a researcher, and had a map with Hilton’s possible victims on it. Over 200, from Vermont to Florida, and west to Memphis, TN. M. King at WXIA, censorsed this valuable info. He should be ashamed..
Sleddog, how was the Ididarod? Notice you are plural. How’s the trip? I am very concerned that the fox is investigating the henhouse robbery in this incidence. Seems obvious to me that he had accomplices, I feel that they are destroying evidence as these items and info, that I have discovered are being ignored.
The room in the Abandoned house by my home is identical to the one on the Tallahassee News; site Murder Movie of Rael’s.
Sleddogs, thanks for your concern and much apreciated support, trust me, the PTSS, is only a minuet part of this equation.
I sure do miss your victim map. Could you re post it? How many possible victims are on it now? Did you ever find Vann Mason.
By the way, you sure show up at the darnedest times..
About your BIL, tell him I said hello, and he knows the old, “you go we go; rule, well Hilton’s victims, are gone
glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 6:34 pm
This poem is inscribed in the White Cherokee; marble memorial, with a scene of Meredith and Ella, enjoying the peace , tranquility and spectacular views of the Appalacians…
Glenn Adams
February 17th, 2008 at 2:31 am Meredith Hope Emerson, loving, caring, an important part of nature, She and her dog Ella, loved the mountains and outdoors. Where the rhodendrum grow , the hemlock stand tall, and the Eagle soars, Just sitting marvelling at the appalacians; so majestic with splendor, She and Ella, playing, hiking, and bonding with love, The forest, inhabitants; birds, and deer meander, The meadows in Bucktown, will take your breath, and wild azaleas bloom, The sun rising high, the forest comes alive, the honey bees and Butterflys. Black bears just lumbering along, the birds singing mother nature’s favorite song. Hikers come from all over to hike the AT, some hiking it short, some hiking it long, She and Ella thought of this as a paradise, for whatever it’s worth, When they were one, with the earth, my only request is, and I pray, That they meet again on that endless Rainbow Bridge, entering Heaven , Someday. In nature she’ll be missed, by family, friends, and loved ones. As our somber nation prays, she was my neighbor for just Four Days….

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 20, 2008 at 2:17 am
There are two metal real estate signs; From two different Mountain Properties;located near an abandoned house at Hwy 183 and Afton Rd., Dawsonville, GA 30534. The RE companies are located in; Murphy, NC. Hilton used these signs for two purposes: 1. In case LE caught him on the posted land, he would tell them that he worked for the RE company, and was placing the land on the market; cagey and calculating. 2. He also used the two signs for blinds to hide his and Meredith’s presence, under a large hemlock tree.
I called the broker, the signs were like new. I ask if he and his competitor were missing them. He said yes, so I ask him to find out where the property is that they came from, and report to LE. He camped at these locations nd graves may be located there. I called Murphy, NC; Sheriffs, Dawsonville Sheriffs Dept. This was weeks ago. The Signs are still there. I rode back by a couple of days later and 2 wo Buzzards were perched above two gravesites that I located. Damn

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 20, 2008 at 11:25 pm
From Wolfscratch: someone email the: “; wxia KING”, CBS and ABC together lost nearly 2 million viewers, or a combined 10 percent, during the Iraq war period, according to NIELSEN MEDIA RESEARCH. tell him: with love from “Wolfscratch”.
Hello bloggers: I hijacked LB’s PC…
Fungsway: Google earth zip code 30534, Dawsonville, GA Hwy 9 South of dawsonville about 5 miles: Atlanta tract of Dawson Forrest: WMA; Lockheed nuclear testing facility, near where Levi frady was found. Hilton and another man’s sketch is on his site, and Hilton is on Patrice Endres’ site. Check it out.

LB; told me that Hilton’s ID# has 666; in it. Not to scare anyone, but my ss# does too. Had it since I was about 17 years old= 40 years…never thought about it before now…

All my emails and comments on gretawire are vannishing, like the DC;GA court records.

Check to see who represented Hilton in the Arson case. If it was the moviemaker. Wouldn’t Arson be a violent crime, especially with 3 people, inside?

Yall take care and keep in touch, their is LE; everywhere in Wolfscratch, don’t know what their doing. Hope they do. I will come back tonight when it cools down. I will be lerking, but will keep it toned down, so yall can blog.
2 and 5 tv’s; filmed the abandoned house on 01/07/08. Am I the only one that thinks the room with the mattresses, is identical to the one in the movie. Read up on Joshua, Moses, and Neamiah; Jerrico Wall, We haven’t led you astray yet, I am not going to start now. This scenerio began 40 years ago, when I was sent to live with my Aunt Grace: “Amazing Grace”, I am confident of this….

Wolfscratch. I will attempt to post on Gretawire: sent her some pics, fox news is going to the Supreme Court; to fight for the 1st Amendment; seems that Cher let, a 4 letter word slip during a concert they were broadcasting. Cher, is a 4 letter word, isn’t it? I told them they should use the Stormy Weather: Defense. What ya think?


glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 21, 2008 at 8:55 am
I have learned of a PR campaign, that started on 01/06/08. The press conference by the GBI, concerning Meredise Emerson: Blood Mtn. Hiler; AT, and the Capture of Gary Michael Hilton. I am still wondering why they labeled this a press conference. The only answer that I heard quoted by the GBI; agent in charge of the mission wsa’ “NO COMMENT THIS IS UNDER INVESTIGATION”.
This attitude of us against them, leave the public and the media is the pre 09/11/01; strategy that contributed to the demise of Meredith Hope Emerson, and the incompetence that caused her life, his mny other victims, both in graves and in prison due to Hilton. being oblivious to LE. From info, that I have gathered backtracking Hilton for 2 months, info from the internet, and near of a dozen of his prey, that go back decades, as well as two of the GBI’s; own website, with their own; Sketch Artist, that have been on the web for 10 years: Levi Frady, and Patrtice Endres. I met the other person on Levi’s site. Why hasn’t he been interviewed in 10 years. Why wasn’t Hilton encarcerater for life when he torched his fiancee’s house with her and her parents inside; 1982; Dekalb Co., GA ?

He made the ‘Murder Run”;Sameul Rael: movie in 1995. A SERIAL KILLER WITH A SCRIPT:
How simple cvan that be.

I know their is alot of Justice Dept officials and Law Enforcement that are very Honorable. Please stop giving them a bad name and quit spinning this “BLUNDER!
A simple 911 call at the Huddle House at 5 Pm on 01/03/08; from Hilton, to John Tabor would have captured Hilton and Rescued Meredith Hope Emerson, In My Opinion.

The Spin the GBI PR unit and the GA State Legislature is putting on this Story is a Disgrace! In my Humble Opinion. Please stop the Backpatting, this operation was not a success, due to incompetence and the pre 09/11/01: antiquated Strategy.. May his many, many; victims rest in peace..
Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 21, 2008 at 8:57 am
Meredith Hope Emerson, was a typo on my last, I apologize for this error…
glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 23, 2008 at 1:07 am
I just received an email about the AJC: article. This article has been spoon fed by the GBI’s Elite PR Squad; ‘Propaganda and Rumor’ SQUAD. IMO. After reading the article at about Meredith Emerson; fighting Hilton, it is filled with half truths and info to intentionally paint an eroneous picture in the mind of the reader. One example of this is: she appeared to be going along with her abductor, as Hilton described, Keenan said it was only to survive. “She struggled to live,” the GBI director said.
Hilton knew he was a wanted man, telling investigators he had followed the AJC’s coverage of Emerson’s abduction. On the day she died, Jan. 4, he was pictured on the newspaper’s front page alongside a story in which police named him a “person of interest” in the Buford hiker’s disappearance.

That day, Hilton said that he told Emerson “she was going home.”

Although the AJC paper referred too, was Jan 4, 2008(papers arrive one day early here) one block from where he made the Huddle House phone call. He had the paper in hand when he ask directions to a pay phone, and called John Tabor for money to get out of town with. Tabor who was working in conjunction with the GBI; set the scheme, or sting up, that in my opinion not only contributed too, but CAUSED MEREDITH’S DEATH! A SIMPLE 911 CALL, THAT ANY 7 YEAR OLD CHILD WOULD MADE, would have resulted in the capture of Hilton and the RESCUE OF MEREDITH. Due to this deviation in SOP, Hilton went into the “Rid evidence; mode”, which included Meredith. I feel that Meredith, would be celebrating Easter with her loved ones, including her precious lab; Ella, if the GBI had put the info out to the public sooner(I saw his van in the field at 6PM: Thurs1/03/08), and thought they were campers. The GBI didn’t notify the local Law Enforcement, of his presence, according to my info, and missled the media, by corraling them and the volunteers at Blood Mountain, to prevent interference with their investigation.
Their pre 09/11/01; strategy, in my opinion contributed to her demise and prevented her from being Rescued on the first day.
Hilton was the creative writer of the Murder Run Movie: by Samuel Rael. I have located his burial grounds: EIGHT TOTAL. I called the K9’s to verify and they were blocked by Law Enforcement? WHY? How hard is it to apprehend an : EVIL, DEMONIC, CANNIBALISTIC, RITUAL: SERIAL KILLER, that has a moviescript.
May all Hilton’s Many, many
,receive Justice! May they rest in peace!!!


The ladies pants, with the pink panties attached, that I found after Law Enforcement responded t, Hilton’s Wildcat Tract: Dawson Forest; Campsite, are still on the ground with a few more leaves on them; like a piece of discarded trash. You can view them at

Keep Meredith, and his other victims in your prayers this Easter. May they rest in Peace….

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First post: 4/26/2008
Last post: 7/27/2008
Total posts: 356 While everybody is getting their positions firmly established,what happens if by the time this ever comes to trial Hilton, has met his Maker, either because of his MS or some new illness, or by the hand of a fellow inmate or a law enforcement officer's response to some action, or the highly unlikely event that he does himself in? Then what? *********************************************

From a newspaper article; "The Times, Gainesville, GA , Wednesday, Nov 8, 1989, found in the attic of the 'Abandoned House', where GMH, had his cold weather hacienda set up: 'The response to your question in terms that only Hilton, would understand:

"You don't understand me, you are not expected to...I am beyond your experience, I am beyond good and evil..., I will be avenged, LUCIFER, DWELLS WITHIN US ALL!"




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Comment by Glenn Adams
January 6th, 2008 at 6:51 pm
"I am back from the search of the area around my home on the Amicacalola River. Last Thursday, I saw a wh. Van parked in the woods across a large field bordering a field. Their is a cable with a combination lock to keep out uninvited guests. The barbed wire fence connected to the gate had been cut then tied back together to hide the cut. I found several fresh items, bottle water, buiscuit wrapper, wet wipes. “Natural Foods” ;organic food sack(this is sold at trail head stores on the trail & intern.) etc, The Van had backed up in a trench to so that it wasn’t visible. The van had knocked down medimum size saplings and pushed them 20′ from their original location. A wet wipe bottle was placed on a stake to mark the location, in case he left. While LE was on the scene, 2 different neighbors stopped and said they saw the van and described to a tee. Aprox 300 yards from that location is a vacant house. The door had been smashed in and one room with curtains, had 3 mattresses, that were being slept on. Several items, clorox, dr. pepper 3/4 full, bottle water,dog feeces etc. A well off of the back porch; the cover had been removed and leaves around the cover had been recently disturbed.
GBI, & several LE, withK-9; cadiver dog. No hits for body but obvious they were there. It was very cold this week. When I called the tip line the GBI was searching the river about a mile below the house and field. They left after about an hour and said that had requested the dogs at the previous location. Tired, gotta go for now….."

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Campfire Ban Lifted
Georgia rain and snow have prompted the lifting of a long campfire ban at the southern end of the Appalachian Trail, according to a 10 January 2008 article on the Access North Georgia website out of Gainesville, GA. It is titled "Campfire ban lifted; hiking trail reopened" and is written by Ken Stanford, Editor.

The bans, in place since October, were in the Chattahoochee and Oconee national forests. The re-opened trail mentioned in the title is the one on Blood Mountain that had been closed when Meredith Emerson disappeared.
This ban included all state parks and forests in GA.