Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Mr. John Tabor, and the GBI, has alot of splaining to do. He knew this info about pulling his teeth with a pair of pliers, to make him look meaner; or evil. He told Tabor the demons come out in him when he comes of of his meds: Large quantities if Riddalin, way before Hilton was captured. The GBI had been contacted previous to Meredith being captured. Tabor: Hilton's boss for 10 years, give or take, said in an interview that he had evacuated his family and purchased a glock, because was extorting money from him. WHY? He stated that Hilton was calm when he called from the Marble Hill Huddle House. The four employees at the HH, said he was loud, argumentive, cursing, and almost hung up on him several times. Does this sound like a calm person to you? If you would lie about one thing, well.. This is who set up the scheme,or sting; as the media is reporting it, that in my opinion caused the death of Meredith Hope Emerson. A simple 911 call would have saved her life and captured Hilton on the spot. Please, tell how I am mistaken...The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel continuesWhy is the local and National media, specifically John Walsh, hiding from this story. Hilton is the present day Hannibal Lectur. I am confident that I have located 5 of his killing fields in the area known as "Wolfscratch". I ordered the K-9 Rescue to verify the graves: one grave read 18+ bodies. The GBI blocked them even tohough I would have paid for them out of my pocket. Come on media, I know that this is an election year, but do we really want incumbents or politicians that would let this happen to our neighbors and families and keep it quiet to save their own hides, due to incompetence and a broken Justice system. Meredith should be walking her little black lab: Ella, if the GBI; had done their job according to SOP, or John Tabor had called 911. damn...Brad, I am sad to say that this was a way of life. If any one one this site wants to inform themselves on why Hilton does what he does, and why he is not the first, only, or the last. Go to Wes side story and read Sleddog's research on Hilton. See the map and the Study on the disease that he is most likely afflicted with. I tracked this evil demon all around "Wolfscratch"; it has been a very traumatic experience, I do not want this to happen to any one elses daughter, son, father mother, grandfather, grandmother, etc.- "He had no victim profile!"The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel continues....How, and why, was he able to do this for so many years? Our Justice is broken = "The Good Ole Boy" network = Family"

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Glenn Adams said...

Littlebritches, speak of irony, when I looked at the pants and panties attached, last evening, my first thought was little britches; how small or petite they were. You are a bundle of resources. People think that I am dilusional when i say this, bit there are some of the most powerful people in government supporting our effort. We will overcome these hurdles despite the detracters and, time will reveal the truth in the end. The media, is as responsible for this travesty as much as the Justice System, as they are hiding under their desks with their scared little tails showing. Hyde HO...
The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel continues..
Little Britches, god bless you.. bring on the dogs. bonnieglenn@aol.com at your convenience. The dowsing don't lie.
Joe Chastain's son is a Cherokee Co. Sheriff's Deputy. After confirming my find. He would not return my phone calls. This is enough verification for me.
Channel #2 news came out and did a story on the abandoned house, right after TV#5, I showed the reporter the rope. I was furious, that the GBI agent walked within feet of it and didn't notice, I told the reporter this, he still hasn't responded. The rope is still in the shed telling the story of Meredith' traumatic fight for survival. so sad.....