Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Glenn Adams said...

Gary Michael Hilton, was a stealth predator; a copy cat of other serial killers with his own creative tyrst intertwined, unlike most serial killers did not limit to a local geographical area, further creating a confusion due to communication issues between LE jurisdictions: city, county, and states. GMH's MOs and Signatures were consistently inconsistent, organized at times and reflecting disorganization at others. GMH, was very disciplined, military special forces trained and honed his skills, with each of his captured prey. GMH, antisocial, narcissistic, psychopath, although impotent gained sexual gratification by gaining control and dominance over others.
This control and dominance included the ability to remain oblivious to LE and the Justice System for decades, building his confidence and validating his belief of their ineffectiveness and impotence.
Although once the truth of GMH's trail of terror is revealed, many people will consider him to be the most prolific serial killer to contaminate humanity in history; 'the devil's deciple.'
I am deeply concerned that his closest Associates will shadow him with evil darkness and GMH will pale in comparison...

Go to Topix Gary Hilton Campsite, to see the specific items found in the cache located at the site in 09/09 Coopers creek WMA.

Dog skeleton leased to a tree
27 clothing items
plastic bag with garh hilton's name on it
zip lock bags with hair enclosed
hand trucks duffle bags w/clothes and books