Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dowsing rods indicated multiple graves/ Hilton's dump

Grave dug by me when dowsing rods showed multiple remains under Hilton's garbage pile, before contacting Dawson County Sheriff's Dept. K-9 unit responded. Dog stayed in the vehicle. Why?


Glenn Adams said...

by WolfscratchIn North Carolina, Transylvania County Sheriff David Mahoney told ABC News that his department was almost certain that Hilton was responsible for both Bryant deaths. "We've uncovered evidence," Mahoney said when asked about Hilton's possible involvement. "We haven't spoken to any specific details, but at this point in the investigation, I am completely comfortable and confident that he is the suspect."
Then there is the hooded yellow jacket on the inventory list from Hilton's van....The Bryants' ATM card was used in Ducktown, Tenn., the day after their disappearance. A surveillance camera captured a figure using the card and wearing a hooded yellow jacket. Transylvania County authorities said in November the jacket appeared to be one that belonged to the Bryants.

Federal authorities said they won't release any further information in the case and have directed local authorities to do likewise.

"With gratitude to the public for its patience, neither the U.S. Attorney's Office nor law enforcement agencies involved in this ongoing investigation will entertain further media inquires, make any independent public reports or make themselves available in any way regarding this investigation at this time," the news release said.

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Total posts: 26 Look what just showed up at The defense lawyer of Gary Michael Hilton, Ines Suber, has filed a motion to keep prosecutors, law enforcement and potential witnesses from making public comments on the evidence and charges in the case.

Glenn Adams said...

lybejUPDATED: 11:29 p.m. January 09, 2008

Hilton 'prime suspect' in Fla. woman's death

Death penalty still an option in Emerson case, prosecutor says

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 01/08/08
Dawsonville — Charged in one killing, named the prime suspect in another and under investigation for two others, evidence is mounting that drifter Gary Michael Hilton might be involved in a murderous spree spanning three states within the last three months.

Hilton, 61, in jail for allegedly kidnapping and killing Buford hiker Meredith Emerson last week, may face more charges in Leon County, Fla. Investigators there say they are focusing on Hilton in the slaying of Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, 46, of Crawfordville, Fla.

Pouya Dianat/AJC
Gary Michael Hilton on Wednesday in Dawson County Magistrate Court.

Pouya Dianat/AJC
Gary Michael Hilton on Wednesday in Dawson County Magistrate Court.

Hiker murder

Judge orders Gary Hilton extradited to Florida | Video
Man who killed Buford hiker claims innocence in student disappearance
Hiker never gave up fighting, her killer told investigators
Friends have happy memories of hiker
Gary Hilton: Misfit with a mean streak | Photos
Tragic end for North Carolina couple
SEE & HEAR:Hilton stopped by cop | Part 2 | Part 3

Dunlap, a Sunday school teacher, was found dead Dec. 15 in Apalachicola National Forest near Tallahassee. A masked person suspected in Dunlap's slaying used her ATM card on three occasions following her disappearance on Dec. 1.

Leon County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Rob Reisinger said during a news conference Wednesday that deputies can place Hilton in the area at the time of Dunlap's disappearance and that he is considered the prime suspect in her death. Florida officials said that a state forestry agent came in contact with Hilton after Dunlap disappeared, writing down his vehicle's tag number.

Meanwhile, the sheriff investigating the presumed double murder of an elderly North Carolina couple said he is "optimistic" the case will be solved based on leads developed from recent meetings with Georgia authorities.

Avid hikers John, 79, and Irene Bryant, 84, were last seen alive on Oct. 20 in the Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina near the borders of Georgia and South Carolina. Her body was found bludgeoned three weeks later while John Bryant remains missing and is believed to be dead.

Transylvania County (N.C.) Sheriff David Mahoney said there are many similarities in the killings of Bryant and Emerson.

In each case -- including Cheryl Dunlap's slaying -- the victims' ATM cards were used. Emerson, Dunlap and Irene Bryant were all found in state or national forests.

In the two most recent slayings, the bodies have been disposed of in gruesome fashion. Georgia authorities said that Emerson was decapitated, and reports have circulated around Tallahassee that Dunlap's head and hands were severed from her body. Local officials won't confirm it, but Maj. Mike Wood of the Leon County Sheriff's Office told the Tallahassee Democrat there are similarities in the cases that deputies weren't at "liberty to discuss."

Yet another unsolved slaying in which the victim was dismembered has investigators in LaGrange wondering whether Hilton may be involved in yet another killing, though officials are quick to dismiss any known connection. Still, there are "obvious coincidences," said Capt. Mike Nixon, chief investigator for the Troup County Sheriff's Department.

On Dec. 6, a passing motorist discovered the body of a woman -- still unidentified -- missing hands, feet and head. The mutilated body was in five black plastic garbage bags along Stitcher Road in LaGrange, which is west of Macon near the Alabama line.

Although an attempt was made to burn the bags, some evidence was recovered, including a Domino's Pizza coupon from Chamblee. The address on Hilton's arrest warrant for Emerson's kidnapping is on Clairmont Road in Chamblee. Nixon said investigators believe the woman was killed in metro Atlanta.

"We're looking into Hilton. We're looking into everything," he said.

Rumors have spread in LaGrange and Tallahassee that the slayings are connected, as each corpse was dismembered and the bodies were discovered within nine days of each other. Nixon said he's heard the speculation but so far nothing links the two cases. And as of now, he said, Hilton is not a suspect in the LaGrange slaying.

Meanwhile, Forsyth County officials say they are investigating whether Hilton may have been involved in the slaying of Cumming beauty salon owner Patrice Endres, whose body was found a little more than two years ago in Dawson State Forest, about a mile from where Emerson's body was located Monday.

C/P Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Missing Persons May 2007

Bill Farrer 5'6" 185-195 M September 13, 2002
Stephanie Howard 5'6" 155 F December 1 , 2001
Tara Grinstead 5'3" 125 F October 22, 2005
Teresa Dean 4'10" 75 F August 15 , 1999
Christopher Thompkins 5'9" 130 M January 25 , 2002
Allyson Romedy 5'2" 120 F March 1, 2002
Jimmy Maughon 5'11" 195 M April 8, 1985
Verdell Moore 5'6" 130 F June 15, 2003
Deborah Jean McKneely 5'6" 155 F January 29, 1991
Terry Eugene Rouse 6'2" 180 M May 11, 1991
Virginia Lee 5'4" 135 F August 10, 1985
Shy'Kammia Pate 4'4" 59 F September 4, 1998
Brian DeWayne Hobbs 6'3" 165 M August 29, 1994
Sherri Vanessa Holland 5'5" 115 F August 16, 1996
Helen Ann Morgan 5'7" 114 F May 16, 1984
Tim Guy 6'1" 210 M February 6, 1987
Christoph "Chris" Zahn 6' 160 M April 28, 1992
Sabrina Long 5'6" 127 F August 14, 1991

WolfscratchP: for research purposes

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News results for gaffney sc serial killer
SC serial killer conjures memory of 60s murderer‎

GAFFNEY, SC (AP) — A terrified rural South Carolina community hunkered down over the Fourth of July after the sheriff said a serial killer was on the loose, ...

Residents of Gaffney, South Carolina are staying indoors instead of partying on the Fourth of July. There have been four homicides in the past six days, all shootings. Police say they are all connected. Police have released a sketch of the suspect, a White male with salt and pepper hair. He may be driving a light-gray or champagne tan 1991-1994 two-door Ford Explorer.

The spree began on Saturday, June 27. The suspect came to the home of Kline Cash and asked about buying hay. His wife said when she left at 3 PM the man was talking to her husband about buying hay. A few hours later, at 6:45 PM, she came back and found peach farmer Kline Cash, 63, shot dead in the living room of the home. The motive may have been robbery.
Instead of pretending that a serial killer wasn't in the communities midst, as in the Gary Hilton: Serial Killer tragedy, it apears that SC Law Enforcement is using all available resources(public via the media; a very powerful & free resource)sketch and vehicle. IMO, he should be captured rapidly. Guess he is a prime example of a rampage or spree killer. A thrill killer, with no victim profile; 16 year old girl to 84 year old woman. Seems that their is an epidemic.
The info says that all of these murders were within a 10 mile radius, over a one week period, seems unusual, even for a serial killker. The geographical location of Gaffney, SC the proximity to !-85, as well as being only a fifteen minute drive to the Kings Mountain State Park, with the 4th of July Holiday Travel and campers, will present unique problems for Law Enforcement. With luck and the proper communications, there will be a number of roadblocks in most States already planned for DUIs/seatbelts... Maybe this animal will be captured before he takes any more innocent victims.
***************Finally the aprehension or prevention of more victims has priority over the proscecution of the suspect.

The robbery and murders at the 'Mom & Pop'; Furniture Store, less than Half a mile from the command center is a good indication of taunting as well as escalating narcissistic behavior....

The Home Invasion robbery & murder of the peach farmer shows his diversity, escalation of confidence of his ability to evade law enforcement and indicates the ease of acquiring a new vehicle for evasion if necessary.