Tuesday, February 12, 2008

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Gary Hilton pleaded guilty to Meredith Emerson's murder.
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Channel 2 Obtains List Of Items Found In Gary Hilton's Van RAW VIDEO: Meredith Emerson's Parents Speak At Hilton HearingVIDEO: Hilton Admits Killing Meredith Emerson
READ: Hilton Arrest Warrant
SLIDESHOW: Meredith Emerson Photos
SLIDESHOW: Search For Missing Hiker Continues
LINK: Blood Mountain
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Hack Saw, Porn, Needles & Bong Found In Hilton's Van
POSTED: 4:56 pm EST February 12, 2008
UPDATED: 7:24 pm EST February 12, 2008

ATLANTA -- There are new revelations today about what investigators found inside confessed killer Gary Hilton’s van. Tuesday, Channel 2 got an exclusive copy of the report for his van.
In January, Hilton admitted to killing Georgia hiker Meredith Emerson.
Whenever Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents get a search warrant they’re required to file a document which lists everything they found inside. It is an extremely detailed document and the GBI told Channel 2’s Jodie Fleischer that some of the items listed are still considered evidence in other pending cases against Gary Hilton.
Channel 2 Obtains List Of Items Found In Gary Hilton's Van Sling Blade, Hack Saw, Needles & Bong Found In Hilton's Van
When agents with the GBI caught Hilton January 4, he was at a DeKalb County gas station. His white van was parked near the vacuum cleaner and officials say, he was trying to destroy evidence. But he didn’t get it all.
"He lives in it, it's his home and everything he owns probably was in that van and so when you think of it that way it was potentially a big evidentiary catch,” said John Cagle with the GBI.
The list is lengthy and detailed. Twenty shirts and a dozen pair of pants, eight jackets, 29 hats and three sleeping bags.
PDF: Complete List Of Evidence Found In Hilton Van 1 2 3 4 5 6
Medical papers in the van confirmed Hilton does have multiple sclerosis. Hypodermic needles and various medications were also found along with pornographic magazines, personal lubricant, condoms and a bong.
"Some was very expensive cold weather gear, something you'd look at him and someone virtually homeless and lives in his van, how would he acquire that kinds of stuff,” Cagle.
Some of it may have belonged to other people, like Emerson, who Hilton admitted kidnapping on New Years Day and then beating to death in the north Georgia woods. Hilton’s weapons included a sling blade, a hack saw and three air pistol BB guns.
"We not only recovered things that were helpful to Florida but some other timeline items that also will be helpful to North Carolina,” said Cagle.
Agents found at least four separate blood stains -- one of the outside of the sliding door of the van, another on a yellow jacket which may have been the one hiker John Bryant was wearing when he and his wife were kidnapped and murdered in North Carolina. Hilton is a suspect in their deaths.
Agents swabbed several items including a fanny pack, a receipt and a yellow raincoat. Surveillance pictures at a Ducktown, Tennessee ATM show someone wearing a yellow raincoat using the Bryant’s bank card after they were reported missing.
The GBI would not confirm which specific items are part of cases in other states. They did say all of the Georgia evidence will now be sent to the state crime lab in Florida. Hilton is the only named suspect in the murder of a woman found in a national forest in Florida.
He has not been charged in either the Florida case or the case of the Bryant’s.
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January 13, 2008: Hilton's Ex-Boss Speaks Out
January 12, 2008: Gary Hilton Employer Speaks Out
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January 11, 2008: Memorial Service Held For Meredith Emerson
January 10, 2008: Waitress: 'We Could've Saved Her'
January 10, 2008: Florida Murder Victim Decapitated; Hilton Named 'Prime Suspect'
January 9, 2008: Dashcam Video Shows Gary Hilton
January 8, 2008: Suspect Leads Officials To Missing Hiker's Body
January 7, 2008: No Bond For Emerson Kidnap Suspect
January 7, 2008: Hiker's Father Makes Plea For Help
January 7, 2008: Kidnapping Suspect In Court Today
January 5, 2008: Police Charge Hilton With Kidnapping Hiker
January 5, 2008: Police: Missing Hiker Likely Dead; Suspect Charged
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Kathy, friend of Meredith. Please tell us, if you will some happy stories of Meredith and Ella, even funny ones, if you know any.
I realize that I sound alittle over the edge, at times. I feel that Meredith could have, and should have been rescued. It tears at my heart that she was held for four days, less than 300 yards from my home, and the GBI, didn't release the information to the media that would have assisted in her rescue. If John Tabor, had dialed 911 instead of the GBI, she would be walking with Ella as we speak, I am confident of that. I saw his van in the field next to my home; thursday evening. I would have rescued her myself if the media had been alerted sooner. Hilton was spotted in front of the abandoned house Friday 01/04/08 at 9AM, by a neighbor. He wasn't aware of his presence.
I don't wan't this too happen to anyone else's daughter.
Sincerely Glenn

Mr. John Tabor, and the GBI, has alot of splaining to do. He knew this info about pulling his teeth with a pair of pliers, to make him look meaner; or evil. He told Tabor the demons come out in him when he comes of of his meds: Large quantities if Riddalin, way before Hilton was captured. The GBI had been contacted previous to Meredith being captured. Tabor: Hilton's boss for 10 years, give or take, said in an interview that he had evacuated his family and purchased a glock, because was extorting money from him. WHY? He stated that Hilton was calm when he called from the Marble Hill Huddle House. The four employees at the HH, said he was loud, argumentive, cursing, and almost hung up on him several times. Does this sound like a calm person to you? If you would lie about one thing, well.. This is who set up the scheme,or sting; as the media is reporting it, that in my opinion caused the death of Meredith Hope Emerson. A simple 911 call would have saved her life and captured Hilton on the spot. Please, tell how I am mistaken...The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel continuesWhy is the local and National media, specifically John Walsh, hiding from this story. Hilton is the present day Hannibal Lectur. I am confident that I have located 5 of his killing fields in the area known as "Wolfscratch". I ordered the K-9 Rescue to verify the graves: one grave read 18+ bodies. The GBI blocked them even tohough I would have paid for them out of my pocket. Come on media, I know that this is an election year, but do we really want incumbents or politicians that would let this happen to our neighbors and families and keep it quiet to save their own hides, due to incompetence and a broken Justice system. Meredith should be walking her little black lab: Ella, if the GBI; had done their job according to SOP, or John Tabor had called 911. damn...Brad, I am sad to say that this was a way of life. If any one one this site wants to inform themselves on why Hilton does what he does, and why he is not the first, only, or the last. Go to Wes side story and read Sleddog's research on Hilton. See the map and the Study on the disease that he is most likely afflicted with. I tracked this evil demon all around "Wolfscratch"; it has been a very traumatic experience, I do not want this to happen to any one elses daughter, son, father mother, grandfather, grandmother, etc.- "He had no victim profile!"The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel continues....How, and why, was he able to do this for so many years? Our Justice is broken = "The Good Ole Boy" network = Family"
Kathy, I am very glad you commented. I feel that Meredith, was like a daughter to me even though I have never met her. We are all children of nature and she not only saw the beauty in nature, but lived it. Go to www wes side story Safety tips on the AT , wxia tv, Atlanta. I want the truth to come out about Meredith and for the other victims to be reunited with their families and loved ones. I have made the decision to sacrifice myself if neccessary to achieve this goal. I know the consequences.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best Friends

Shelby and Buddy; coon dog and black lab, dogs that have been very helpful during my journey. These are neighborhood dogs, that keep me company, most of the time. There are three more dogs that accompany them at times: Big O'Reilly, shelly, and a great dane.
This is the Detention Center where Hilton was housed while completeing the fastest trial, conviction, and sentencing in history. Why? I know,
The three possible reasons:
1. Indictment of GA Justice System, if and when the Truth is revealed.
2. In 1982: Dekalb Co., GA, Hilton was arrested for Arson with 3 occupants in dwelling. Arrest records available, court records vanished. How & Why?
Tip: Brian Nichols Judge steps down. Inquiring minds want to know..
Note: If Justice System wasn't Broken, Hilton would be incarcerated since 1982, and many of his victims would be with their family and friends.

After contacting Dawson Sheriff's, and showing them where a grave was, under his garbage pile, and clothes removed from the pile. I checked each day for progress. After a week the cloths were gone. I walked 40 yds. into the woods and discovered these ladies size M. pants with panties attached, damn. The Sheriff' K-9 officer asked my wife, if I considered therapy. After dealing with the incompetence of LE for 30 days, I concur....

Evil Demonic Cannibalistic serial killer Gary Hilton

Hilton, hearing for the murder of Meredith Hope Emerson, my precious neighbor for just four days....

Resemblance to Hilton after Demon entered my head...

Yours Truly, I took on the physical apearance of Hilton after his demon entered my head. I did not resemble him before that tramatic day. This happened when I entered the abandoned house. Seven people brought this to my attention. One person had his hand on his knife when I aproached him at Hilton's old campsite. He said he thought Hilton had escaped...
I dyed my hair to change my apearance. My grandaughter said, "Take that Fake mustache off!"

Hair Bow of someone's Daughter/Could have been mine...

Of all the articles of clothing I found, this broke my heart. It tells a tragic story in a nutshell. Who is it's owner that placed this in their hair to enhance their beauty, expecting to enjoy a beautiful day or exciting outing in to the forrest?.....

Dowsing rods indicated multiple graves/ Hilton's dump

Grave dug by me when dowsing rods showed multiple remains under Hilton's garbage pile, before contacting Dawson County Sheriff's Dept. K-9 unit responded. Dog stayed in the vehicle. Why?

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Union County tip Center contacted 01/06/08: GBI, Dawson Co. Sheriff, N.GA K9 Rescue, Gme Warden, and search team responded.

Abandoned Densmore house, vacant for over 10 years, I am confident that Hilton has been using this property for his evil deeds for many years. The weather on 01/01/08, was low of 15 degrees and 50+ MPH winds. This is why he stayed in the House ionstead of his usual outdoor pattern. In the daytime, he would move to the out-buildings due to the property being for sale.

My journey tracking gary michael hilton: evil demonic cannabalistic serial killer for last 30 days

Memorial service and one mile hike in Honor of Meredith Hope Emerson.

Dream Home built on Amicacola River, nestled in the foothills of the appalacian mountains, in an area called "Wolfscratch". Completed and moved in 08/07.
Dream Home turned into a nightmare 01/01/08, when evil demonic serial killer; kidnapped Meredith Hope Emerson, and held up in the abandoned Densmore house 300 yards away, within eyesight of my front porch.

Ladies jogging pants size M, by Fusion, found in Hilton's garbage pile along with several articles of clothing, many were burned.