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Hair Bow of someone's Daughter/Could have been mine...

Of all the articles of clothing I found, this broke my heart. It tells a tragic story in a nutshell. Who is it's owner that placed this in their hair to enhance their beauty, expecting to enjoy a beautiful day or exciting outing in to the forrest?.....


Glenn Adams said...

I mentioned finding an old casette tape a few months at the junk store that contained religious music. I like all kinds of music and since my truck stereo only plays cassettes, I throwed it in my truck. This tape contains songs that describe my journey to a tee, with the exception of "The rainbow bridge'> Hilton just got that reversed. The Rainbow bridge is where the beloved pet goes when it passes and waits for it's owner. They meet at the entrance to this glorous land at the rainbow bridge.

The Name of thetape is: Reflections; beyond the Sunset. "The Dark Forest"
A Wonderful Time up There.
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. When the Roll is called up Yonder.
People Get Ready.
Caman's Land.
The Rainbow Bridge.
Unclouded Day.
In the Sweet by and By.
Will the Circle be Unbroken....

May they rest in Peace
Glenn Adams

StrangeThingsHappen said...

Hello Glenn, I need to get in touch with you. Can you email me your phone number please.

Glenn Adams said...

Meredith's My space Account:

: "Hide the crazy..."

24 years old
BUFORD, Georgia
United States

Last Login: 12/31/2007

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Glenn Adams said...

I have learned of a PR campaign, that started on 01/06/08. The press conference by the GBI, concerning Meredise Emerson: Blood Mtn. Hiler; AT, and the Capture of Gary Michael Hilton. I am still wondering why they labeled this a press conference. The only answer that I heard quoted by the GBI; agent in charge of the mission wsa' "NO COMMENT THIS IS UNDER INVESTIGATION".

This attitude of us against them, leave the public and the media is the pre 09/11/01; strategy that contributed to the demise of Meredith Hope Emerson, and the incompetence that caused her life, his mny other victims, both in graves and in prison due to Hilton. being oblivious to LE. From info, that I have gathered backtracking Hilton for 2 months, info from the internet, and near of a dozen of his prey, that go back decades, as well as two of the GBI's; own website, with their own; Sketch Artist, that have been on the web for 10 years: Levi Frady, and Patrtice Endres. I met the other person on Levi's site. Why hasn't he been interviewed in 10 years. Why wasn't Hilton encarcerater for life when he torched his fiancee's house with her and her parents inside; 1982; Dekalb Co., GA ?

He made the 'Murder Run";Sameul Rael: movie in 1995. A SERIAL KILLER WITH A SCRIPT:
How simple cvan that be.

I know their is alot of Justice Dept officials and Law Enforcement that are very Honorable. Please stop giving them a bad name and quit spinning this "BLUNDER!
A simple 911 call at the Huddle House at 5 Pm on 01/03/08; from Hilton, to John Tabor would have captured Hilton and Rescued Meredith Hope Emerson, In My Opinion.

The Spin the GBI PR unit and the GA State Legislature is putting on this Story is a Disgrace! In my Humble Opinion. Please stop the Backpatting, this operation was not a success, due to incompetence and the pre 09/11/01: antiquated Strategy.. May his many, many; victims rest in peace..
Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams said... - 16k - Similar pages

I thought the date Tara was taken is significant as this the same date that Levi Frady was taken in Dawson Forest: Atlanta Tract; 1997, one day before Deer Season,
Hilton used data such as this, to lessen his risk of being caught, as he did Meredith; one day after Deer season ended.

re: She had changed from the clothes that she had worn that day after attending, and coordinating a beauty contest, she weighed aprox. 100#, and she has a german shepard. I Go to this site and note the bow above the door on the left side of her picture: I feel that the bow that I found in the wildcat campground was hers. I have had this feeling for a while. Look on my blog:, read comment under the bow. I could see her her face, just not her name..

Beauty Queen & Teacher Tara Grinstead Goes Missing

Popular, bubbly young woman vanishes from Ocilla, a tiny South Georgia town, after helping at beauty pageant.


By Steve Huff

"...Miss Tifton symbolizes great achievement for women. Miss Tifton is a role model and it is a job. This is a scholarship pageant, not a beauty pageant. Miss Tifton is a local franchise of the Miss America Pageant. Miss America is the largest provider of scholarships to women in the world..."

After Tara Grinstead was reported missing to local, Ocilla, GA authorities and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, it was discovered that she'd made it home that Saturday from Sweet Potato Pageant. The clothes she was last known to wear were at the house, as were her car and cellphone. All that seemed to be missing at the time was Tara
Her neighbors; an elderly couple, usually watched to see if she arrived home safely. I feel that Dandy was used as the lure. Her dog was found in the fence backyard fence.


Glenn Adams said...

Grinstead vanished from her Ocilla home on Oct. 22, 2005 after attending the Georgia Sweet Potato Pageant in nearby Fitzgerald, where she had assisted some of the contestants with their hair and makeup. When she didn’t show up for work on Monday, co-workers at Irwin County High School called the Ocilla Police Department. There were no signs of forced entry into Grinstead’s home, no sign of a struggle and only her pocketbook and keys were missing. A latex glove was found in her front yard.

The case has garnered national attention and hundreds of people joined in the search for Grinstead. Family, friends, co-workers and law enforcement scoured the county trying to find any clue they could to solve the mystery and give family and friends some answers. A $100,000 reward is being offered for Grinstead’s safe return and another $100,000 for information leading to arrest/conviction of the person or people responsible.

Van Zant said the CBS crew working on Tuesday’s “Stolen Beauty” segment got involved with the case and began shooting video a month after Grinstead’s disappearance. At first, he said, people in Ocilla were wary of being “used and exploited” in the media, but they began to realize that “we were very serious about this and dedicating weeks of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars” to produce the show.

Van Zant said that he and the CBS crew were impressed with what a tight-knit community Ocilla is and how deeply the community cares about the case.

“We are hoping it (the show) will do some good and lead to some answers in the case,” Van Zant said.

Before her disappearance, Grinstead was a teacher at Irwin County High School. She was a former Miss Tifton and had competed in the Miss Georgia pageant as well.

“Tara is a classic beauty and someone you related to right away,” Van Zant said.

GBI Special Agent Gary Rothwell said the case has been “confounding” because Grinstead was well-known and a very active member of the community.

“It’s a lot of information to cipher through,” Rothwell said.

Rothwell said that television shows like “48 Hours” can be valuable to investigations and hopes someone will come forward with information that they have been withholding because they were either afraid or thought that the information wouldn’t be taken seriously.

“There’s no way to know if it is important if they don’t come forward,” Rothwell said in a telephone interview Friday from his Perry office.

Three months after Grinstead’s disappearance, Jennifer Kesse vanished from her Orlando, Fla., home. She was also a young, beautiful and successful woman and there was no sign of forced entry and no sign of a struggle. Her keys and purse were also missing. Authorities have grainy surveillance footage showing an unidentified shadowy figure who they believe could be Kesse’s abductor emerging from her car that was parked at a nearby apartment complex.

Van Zant said the similarities between the cases brought investigators on the Grinstead and Kesse cases together and the CBS crew followed Georgia investigators to Florida. An e-mail from CBS claims that investigators uncovered a clue that they believe is essential to solving the cases, but neither Van Zant nor Rothwell would comment on that subject.

C/P Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...


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Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Reply #244 - Today at 01:14:51 The folowing post is why I originally came to this forum. It is very interesting and is very acurate as to the items that I located during the journey backtracking GMH, as well as other parallels:


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Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Reply #30 - 08/05/08 at 02:47:00 Esah - I had 8 dreams about Tara and the man whom I believe murdered her. My dreams about this case began on 08/01/07 and ended on 01/08/08, just after having read about the presumed killer's arrest.

I contacted the GBI Perry office on 08/27/07 and gave them my interpretation of the first 3 dreams, but the only info they wanted from me was my DOB, SSN, and DL, presumably to access my personal records. However, I have reason to believe that my dream interpretations were given to AG and that she acted on it, but apparently the search was unproductive.

After that, I had another 5 dreams about this case. These later dreams didn't say where Tara was, but 4 of the dreams gave hints of the murderer's name, and predicted that he would be apprehended at the end of the year. I also had a vision of the man's face, and he looked like someone in his 50's, with a passing resemblance to the late actor John Spencer.

I believe that Tara's killer (who resided in Georgia) is now in custody, but he refuses to talk about his crimes because he knows it will earn him a death sentence. His name is Gary Michael Hilton, and he was arrested on 01/04/08 for the abduction/murder of Merideth Emerson. He is currently being held in FL as a suspect in the abduction/murder of Cheryl Dunlap; a woman who looked very much like Tara.

The GBI officer in charge of Tara's case, SAC Gary Rothwell, doubts that Hilton is responsible for the disappearance of Tara because Hilton used a different MO in the Emerson case, even though Ms. Dunlap's killer used an MO similar to that used in Tara's case.

SAC Rothwell doesn't seem to realize that the MO of serial killers evolves as they learn to avoid mistakes. Only the killer's signature remains the same, and Hilton's signature was to use remote areas in state parks as hostage sites and dumping grounds for his victims.

I strongly recommend that SAC Rothwell change his mind about Hilton and officially declare him a suspect in Tara's case, if only to obtain Hilton's DNA. Although Hilton is a convicted murderer and his DNA has recently been entered into the DNA databanks, Georgia law stipulates that it can only be obtained for comparison to other crime samples if the DNA donor is a suspect in that particular crime. As I'm sure you know, early last month SAC Rothwell revealed that DNA was obtained from the latex glove that police found in Tara's yard, so that DNA should be compared to Hilton's DNA ASAP.

If Hilton's DNA matches the DNA recovered from the latex glove, then the first place to look for Tara's remains would be General Coffee State Park, which is 30 miles E of Ocilla. Coffee Park in Coffee County is the state park closest to Tara's home, and park officers may keep records of visitors' license plates. If so, then the GBI should check park records for the license plates of any vehicles that Hilton was driving in late 2005. They should also compare the mud and tree bark recovered from the wheel well of Tara's car to samples from Coffee Park, since I believe Hilton forced her to drive her car there.

My dreams had recurring images of parks, coffee, and hilltops (I believe the latter represented the killer's last name; Hilton). Also, a cardboard box was prominent in my first dream about this case. If I recall, you said something on another site about a psychic who - when asked about Tara's case - said that he saw a cardboard box. I have no idea how a box might figure in this case, but several cardboard boxes were recovered from Hilton's van. Perhaps one of them contained some kind of evidence that would link him to Tara. But as SAC Rothwell said, the DNA from that latex glove is likely to provide the answer to Tara's tragic and frustrating disappearance.

This is my first post at this site in several months. I used to post under the nic 'syzygy' but now I go by the name 'Mel'. You can find a transcription and drawings of my first dream in the Dreams forum. If you want my interpretation of that dream or the other 7 dreams, just send me a PM.
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Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Reply #245 - Today at 01:17:08 ummie

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Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Reply #241 - Yesterday at 14:33:07 Wolfscratch. I am going to ask you to respect the members
on this site. This includes respecting the threads and posts. I
will ask you to please start your own thread. We, the members,
all feel that what we have to say is important, just as you feel so.
If you feel it is important to discuss GMH, please do so on a thread
of your own. Thank you. If you continue on this thread the
admin will have to take steps to insure that the members can
discuss Tara seperatly and you will be banned. It is your choice.
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Ummie, 'Silence & censorship' as well as noncommunication is why GMH, has been preying on our friends, families, and loved ones for decades., oblivious to LE...
I refuse to be intimidated or stick my head in the sand. My only motive is to reveal his victims, and GMH's Associates; all of them... He was not the first, last, or only!
Banning me is not neccessary, I will volunteer to move on....

Wofscratch: may his many, many victims rest in peace..they have no voice....

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Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Reply #246 - Today at 07:43:07 Wolfscratch. I ask you one more time to start your own thread.
We are not saying that you cannot post your information or your
opinion. If you decide that you Must continue, then I will notify
the admin. So please, start your own thread. Your next post about
GMH on this thread will be deleted.
If you truly wish to help the victims of GMH you will see the logic
of a thread totally devoted to to the subject. Interjecting that topic
on this thread is simply causing people to ignore what you wish them
to see. Thank you.
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May the long time sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light withing you, guide your way home.

Glenn Adams said...

Just a few of Gary Hilton's prossible victims:

Clemson, SC
Jason Knapp missing 4/12/1998 hiking

Orlando, FL
Jennifer Keese missing 1/24/2006

Dawson, GA
Levi Frady

Charleston, SC
Brandy Hanna missing 4/12/2005

Gaffney, SC
Tina Crouch missing 4/3/1991

Greer, SC
Sharon Medlin missing 5/2/1998

Lisa Shuttleworth missing 9/4/2003

Gaffney, SC
Verlisha Littlejohn missing 11/27/2007 found dismembered

Forest Acres, SC
Paula Merchant missing 1/3/1999

Cherokee, NC
Rossana Millani missing 12/7/2005 hiker

Asheville, NC
Zebb Quinn missing 1/2/2000

Charlotte, NC
John Sansone missing 1/17/2004

Charlotte, NC
Kyle Fleischmann missing 11/12/2007

Lexington, NC
William Mark Alley missing 2/2/2000

Dawsonville, GA
Patrice Endres missing 4/15/2004

Cumming, GA
Levi Frady murdered 10/22/1997

North Way
Justin Gaines missing 11/7/2007

Ocilla, GA
Tara Grinstead Missing 10/22/2005

Gainesville, GA
Jacqueline Elaine Nix missing 9/20/1999

Unidentifed body 5/15/2007 dismembered
Unidentifed body

Franklin, GA
Unidentified body 5/15/2007 dismembered
Unidentified body

Becky Annette Minish missing 3/17/1987 car found with flat tire
Becky Annette Minish

Atlanta, GA
Melissa Dawn Wolfenbarger missing 4/29/1999 severed head found

Ormond Beach, FL
Michael Scott Louis found 12/6/2007 dismembered

Panama City, FL
Pamela June Ray Missing 8/12/1992

Bahia Honda State Park
Unidentifed female found 2/15/1991

Flagler Beach, FL
Sherri Vanessa Holland missing 8/16/1996 car found with nail in tire

Gainesville, FL
Tiffany Sessions missing 2/9/1989

Unidentified female found 6/13/1982 dismembered

Hudson, FL
Diane Louise Augat missing 4/101998 finger & cloths found

Unidentified female found 4/3/1990 Blow to the head

Big Coppitt Key
Unidentified female found 2/15/1991 strangled near campgrounds

Belleair Beach, FL
Unidentified female found 4/25/1972 decapitated

Pinellas Park, FL
Ocala, FL
Christine Wiles missing 4/21/2007 car found in Ocala Nat Forest

Apalachicola National Forest
Cheryl Dunlap missing 12/1/2007 found 12/19/2007 dismembered

Tallahassee, FL
Ali Gilmore missing 2/3/2006 no clues just vanished

Old Town, FL
Judith Osteen missing 12/15/2007 kidnapped from home by white male Hilton was in area at this time

National Forest Rd
John & Irene Bryant missing 10/21/2007 Irene’s body found 11/9/2007 cause of death blow to head John’s body has not been founf
John & Irene Bryant
missing 10/21/2007
Irene’s body found 11/9/2007
cause of death blow to head

Vogel State Park
Meredith Emerson missing 12/31/2007 murdered by Gary Hilton 1/3/2008

Boaz, AL
Christy Lynn Garrard Boaz, AL Missing 8/14/1998 last seen vicinity of Roden Ave. and U.S. Hwy 431

Sherry Ann Milton Ensley, AL missing 8/14/2005 car found abandoned next day

Mobile, AL
Lisa Ann Pierce Mobile, AL missing 11/6/2000

Sylacauga, AL
Donna Rae Riggsby Sylacauga, AL missing 6/28/2003 went to convienence shop never returned

Donna Rae Riggsby
Sylacauga, AL
missing 6/28/2003
went to convienence shop never returned

Haleyville, AL
Randall Harold Whitfield Haleyville, AL missing 12/8/2001 deliver car to Russellville & disappeared

Montgomery, AL
Judie A. Wilding Montgomery, AL missing 4/1/2000 vehicle located behind her pet store w/belongings Similar to the Patrice Endres disappearence

Shorter, AL
Mont Highley IV Shorter, AL missing 11/28/03 abandoned vehicle was located approximately 2 miles from the cabin on County Rd. 30 in Macon County, AL. his remains located 2 month later

Lagrange, GA
Winchester, TN
Frankie Shea Ledbetter Winchester, TN abducted 12/24/2004 12/28/2004 Frankie’s remains were located by hunters in Estill Springs, TN in a wooded area just off of Paynes Church Rd., one mile south of S…

Huntingdon, TN
Janie Sue Lindsey Huntingdon, TN missing 10/10/2004 Car was later located on October 13, 2004 near the intersection of Grooms Rd. and Bobbitt Rd. in Carroll County, TN.

Knoxville, TN
Pamela Knight Knoxville, TN 10/27/2005 Her vehicle, described as a green 1994 Jeep Cherokee, was later located abandoned on December 29, 2005 in a beach area in Florida.

Birchwood, TN
John Doe 0062 Birchwood, TN found 8/29/2006 est date of death 6/15/2006 Victim’s remains were found by hunters in a wooded area. The body had black plastic bags over the torso and legs.

Jane Doe 0063
Chattanooga, TN
found 3/29/1999 est date of death 01/01/1999
Skeletal remains were located by workers clearing vegetation along the southbound side of I-24 between north and sourth Rossville Blvd. exits. The remains were located in an unnamed tributary of the Chattanooga Creek, approximately 200 yards west of the Cannon Ave. overpass. Manner of death is homicide

Madison, TN
Misty Anne Sullivan Madison, TN missing 2/4/2003 The next day, her vehicle was located abandoned at Shelby Park located east of 20th St. between Lillian St. and Davidson St. in Nashville, TN.

Jennifer Ann Low
Memphis, TN
missing 11/1/2003
Jennifer was last seen at a motel in the vicinity of the 5800 block of Shelby Oaks in Memphis, TN. She checked out of the motel by dropping her room key in a box, however, no one saw that it was actually her that left. Her suitcase, sleeping bag, coat, boots, and stereo were left in the room. Her rental car was located in the parking lot of the motel.

Smyrna NC
Steve Wade Boyer
Missing 12/23/1984
Body found 1/8/1985
Smyrna police believe a decapitated body, found in Transylvania County, N.C. two weeks ago, is that of a Smyrna man who was reported missing in December.

List courtesy of Sleddog