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Resemblance to Hilton after Demon entered my head...

Yours Truly, I took on the physical apearance of Hilton after his demon entered my head. I did not resemble him before that tramatic day. This happened when I entered the abandoned house. Seven people brought this to my attention. One person had his hand on his knife when I aproached him at Hilton's old campsite. He said he thought Hilton had escaped...
I dyed my hair to change my apearance. My grandaughter said, "Take that Fake mustache off!"


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Just a Thought said...

Why is the picture dated August 2007?

JWW said...

First of all, let me say that the picture of you IMO doesn't look like Gary Hilton. It's your eyes. They are the eyes of a sensitive and caring person. I have always heard that the eyes are the windows to a person's soul. Your eyes are not demonic at all.

Glenn Adams said...

just a thought, you got me, We didn't purchase the picture til Dec 07. The photo was taken 10 days ago. I died my hair and mustache at that time.

Glenn Adams said...

just a thought, we didn't purchase the camera, until Dec 07. sorry.

Glenn Adams said...

Mr. John Tabor, and the GBI, has alot of splaining to do. He knew this info about pulling his teeth with a pair of pliers, to make him look meaner; or evil. He told Tabor the demons come out in him when he comes of of his meds: Large quantities if Riddalin, way before Hilton was captured. The GBI had been contacted previous to Meredith being captured. Tabor: Hilton's boss for 10 years, give or take, said in an interview that he had evacuated his family and purchased a glock, because was extorting money from him. WHY? He stated that Hilton was calm when he called from the Marble Hill Huddle House. The four employees at the HH, said he was loud, argumentive, cursing, and almost hung up on him several times. Does this sound like a calm person to you? If you would lie about one thing, well.. This is who set up the scheme,or sting; as the media is reporting it, that in my opinion caused the death of Meredith Hope Emerson. A simple 911 call would have saved her life and captured Hilton on the spot. Please, tell how I am mistaken...

The "My Cousin Vinny", sequel continues

Why is the local and National media, specifically John Walsh, hiding from this story. Hilton is the present day Hannibal Lectur. I am confident that I have located 5 of his killing fields in the area known as "Wolfscratch". I ordered the K-9 Rescue to verify the graves: one grave read 18+ bodies. The GBI blocked them even tohough I would have paid for them out of my pocket. Come on media, I know that this is an election year, but do we really want incumbents or politicians that would let this happen to our neighbors and families and keep it quiet to save their own hides, due to incompetence and a broken Justice system. Meredith should be walking her little black lab: Ella, if the GBI; had done their job according to SOP, or John Tabor had called 911. damn...

Kathy said...

You don't look a bit like GHM to me, with exception that you both have white hair??
Do you really believe his "demon" entered your head? I'm very concerned about your well being Mr Adams. I know you are traumatized by the fact you believe Meredith was your "neighbor" for 4 days. She was a friend of mine for a couple of years. I am grieving deeply over her death, as everyone who knew and loved her is...but I don't think your pursuits are at all healthy, and I'm quite concerned. Please take care of yourself.

Glenn Adams said...

Kathy, thank you for your concern. Go to wes side story. alot of the readers would like to hear more about your friendship with meredith, if you want to share.

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I think Shippy, must have had a flashback frtom the 60's, Hilton's interview with the GBI, was abundant in calculations. It is amazing to me that they would listen to an evil, demonic, cannibalistic, ritual Serial Killer with probable Associates, than someone that told them his past, present, and future, and warned them that He is not the first, last or Only! The were also informed of Hilton's mug on the Levi Frady; site , as well as another man that I ran into at the Abandoned house, the fact that Hilton is loking back at you on Patrice Endres's site; actually both sites are The GBI's sites and the Sketch Artist is Marla: of the GBI. Why has this man not been questioned, in over 10 years? Jeremy Jones, needs to be reintervied...
The comments on this blog are vanishing as fast as the other Four Blogs, but not quite as fast as the 1982 Court Records of Hilton's three counts of Attempted murder, of his Fiance, and her Parents.
Folks, please read about Creichfield Jacobs Disease. This can be caused by Cannibalism, and has the same symptoms as MS. As Demonic as Hilton is, I am confident that he is afflicted with this disease.
Again I have been 100%; of my vision of this evil demonic sertial killer. At least all claims that have been verified.
The reuniting of the victims with their loved ones is my only goal. I feel that they were denied protection and their rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,by our "Broken Justice System"
Please help me repair it...
Til the dowsing rods point to me...
Wolfscratch : JMHO

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OddThomas2- good link!
posted on Thank you Fungshway (we are kindred spirits). I also want to affirm Wolfscratch. More than likely Wolf, your brain enters the theta state frequently. I understand what you are talking about. I want to commend you on your calmer presence on the forum lately. Wolf, please make sure you get enough sleep, eat good quality food, and get some exercise. If you haven't read "Between Good and Evil" by Roger Depue (a former FBI master profiler), you and others on this forum would probably find it an interesting read. Depue writes about learning the ancient art of dowsing as a young man, and how he honed his intuitive skills throughout his life. l-depue.html

************************************************** *******************************

This ia a really inspirational comment and link.


Some snipps::When I was a young man, a friend taught me the ancient art of dowsing, and after a time, I became something of a practitioner myself, finding water underground as a kind of parlor trick for friends. It might seem odd that a man so rooted in grim reality would take an interest in something so ethereal. In fact, I’m fascinated by the unseen forces at play in the lives of human beings.

I'm gonna love his book. I know!

My job has been to try to stop human predators before they kill again, and after studying them so closely over so many years, to me their traits seem clearly recognizable.
Evil is more than a vague notion. It is an entity, and it is manifest on the earth. It has reflexes and intuition, senses vulnerability, and changes its form to adapt to its surroundings. Those who do not believe the Devil walks this earth have not seen the things that I have seen.

Evil is not a discrete entity that springs forth fully formed. It is born in the mind, takes root there as fantasy, and prospers when normal human restraint can no longer contain it. I have seen it devour the personalities of men like Richard Speck, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Ted Bundy, turning them into blank-faced sociopaths who clearly know right from wrong, but choose, time and again, to follow their own base urges, with complete disregard for the terrible human suffering they cause.
I believe that every act of homicide causes a slight unbalancing in the world, and that it diminishes life’s universal equation. In the interest of justice, it is imperative that someone try to right that imbalance. But the task of fighting evil can take a terrible toll on the people who are charged with it. It can cost them their families, their equilibrium, their capacity for joy.

TY for sharing

C/P from the Tallahassee Pluck Forum

Glenn Adams said...

Gary Hilton's possible victim map; by Sleddog
C/P by Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

First post: 4/26/2008
Last post: 9/13/2008
Total posts: 611 I am confident this segment was ran for the benefit of me and my family in late January 2008, due to my experience backtracking GMH:

O'REILLY: When you pray over the child and you do the exorcism, there's nothing like what happened in the movie where you can visually sense evil or anything like that?

Watch the video
Show Info


O'REILLY: Give me one example.

LEBAR: I had a case of a rather large woman who took five people to hold her down on the floor and during the prayers — on the chair. And while we were praying the prayers, those five people, the woman and the — could not hold down the woman in the chair. The chair was about six inches off the ground.


O'REILLY: That priest is a sanctioned exorcist for the New York City Archdiocese.

Joining us now from Mountain View, California, Anthony Gonzales, a Catholic theologian. For those viewers who are not Catholic, explain the concept of active evil, evil in the world that the Catholic Church believes is true.

ANTHONY GONZALES, CATHOLIC THEOLOGIAN: Well, in other words, I would say this, Bill. You have good, and you have evil. And evil is the absence of good. But it is also an active reality. It is personified in what we call the fallen angels. And the fallen angels are very active on the earth.

O'REILLY: All right. So the Catholic Church believes that there are spirits?

GONZALES: Correct.

O'REILLY: Spirits that are present on the earth that are doing evil things, correct?

GONZALES: Correct. Correct.

O'REILLY: And that sometimes those spirits can actually take over a body and force a human being to do a destructive act?

GONZALES: Yes. If you — in fact, the way that it works, is that the demon actually takes possession of those faculties of the brain that act in the world.

O'REILLY: OK. Now...

GONZALES: Normal circumstances we do that. In other words, our soul...

O'REILLY: All right. So free will disappears. So a human being doesn't have the ability to choose whether the person is going to be good or evil?

GONZALES: No, no. A little bit different. It's not that the free will disappears. It's that it's pushed aside.

O'REILLY: All right. Whatever. I don't want to get involved. You're the theologian. I don't want to do the Ph.D. But the person, according to the church, isn't able to control what's going on in the person's brain.

GONZALES: Correct.

O'REILLY: You know a lot of people watching tonight think this is a bunch of superstitious mumbo jumbo. They're going to mock you. They're going to say that you're a primitive and all kinds of things.

What is it about this concept of active evil, about possession, why do you believe it? Can you base it on anything other than faith?

GONZALES: Oh, absolutely. I mean, there is...

O'REILLY: You, you, you, Anthony? Why do you believe it?

GONZALES: Because I've experienced it myself. But outside of my own experience...

O'REILLY: No. I want to know about your own experience. Why do you believe it?

GONZALES: OK. Where do you want me to start?

O'REILLY: Just give me your best shot, Anthony. You've got two minutes to convince people that you're not a nut. Go.

GONZALES: OK. I knew of a priest who was an exorcist in the archdiocese of San Francisco in the 1970s. This man was very well respected. He was a very good priest.

He went through the process of expelling demons, specifically demons that were infesting and were — it was situations of obsession, where the demon will actually attack the individuals in a particular vicinity and attack them physically.

He saw this. There were pictures taken of it, movies photographed of it. It was there, and he fought these demons. And I spoke to him many times. He was someone I knew and was acquainted with.

So this is just one. I mean, I could give you hundreds of examples of this. These things are not — I mean, they're scientifically based. You can show evidence that they happen and that they exist.

O'REILLY: OK. Now we have seen some evidence of people speaking languages they weren't born to speak and all of that. But I will tell you that the skepticism about this is through the roof and that the church keeps exorcism very quiet. You know the church does. And it doesn't want a lot of publicity about it. Correct?

GONZALES: Well, there's a — yes. There's a reason for that. The church is protecting those who are the victims of this. And it does not want these people to be known.

O'REILLY: Held up?

GONZALES: Correct.

O'REILLY: All right, but they could put the exorcists out more. You know, the interview that you saw with the New York guy is the only interview I think he's ever done in his life.

Anthony, thanks very much. We appreciate it.

CP by Wolfscratch: GMH is beyond Evil...

Glenn Adams said...



Glenn Adams said...

Interesting Information: from Febh 2008, concerning comments on findings from the journey backtracking GMH:


Glenn Adams said...


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 02/29/08

Guilty of one murder, charged with another and linked to two more slayings, Gary Michael Hilton appears poised for infamy.

While he doesn't yet qualify as a "serial killer," the Atlanta-born transient captured the attention of FBI profilers within a week of his arrest for the decapitation of Buford hiker Meredith Emerson. They traveled from headquarters in Quantico, Va. to observe Hilton during questioning and again when he pleaded guilty Jan. 31 to the murder of Emerson, whom he abducted from Blood Mountain in North Georgia on New Year's Day.

Hiker murder

Judge orders Gary Hilton extradited to Florida | Video
Man who killed Buford hiker claims innocence in student disappearance
Hiker never gave up fighting, her killer told investigators
Friends have happy memories of hiker
Gary Hilton: Misfit with a mean streak | Photos
Tragic end for North Carolina couple
SEE & HEAR:Hilton stopped by cop | Part 2 | Part 3

If the evidence against Hilton — he was charged Thursday in the decapitation of Crawfordville, Fla. nurse Cheryl Dunlap — leads to more convictions, their research has only just begun.

In anonymity, Hilton, 61, existed on the margins, drifting through a series of failed relationships, odd jobs and shiftless scams. The Army veteran never adapted to civilian life, often retreating to his van in the woods.

No longer anonymous, Hilton remains an enigma. His advanced age breaks the profiler mold, as serial murderers typically begin killing between 25 and 35 years of age, experts agree.

"This guy didn't just fall off the turnip tuck and start doing this," said retired FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt.

Criminologist Eric Hickey, director of forensic studies at Alliant International University in Fresno, Calif., said he expects Hilton's predatory behavior began well before October 2007, when the Army veteran is alleged to have abducted and murdered avid hikers John and Irene Bryant. Transylvania (N.C.) County Sheriff David Mahoney said there is "no question" Hilton was responsible for the elderly couple's deaths.

"It's almost unprecedented to see someone go from zero to what he did," Hickey said. "I'd suspect he could be linked to several other crimes."

Officials in Pickens County, S.C., are waiting until North Carolina completes its investigation of Hilton before pursuing him as a possible suspect in the abduction of Clemson University student Jason Knapp, last seen on Easter 10 years ago. Investigators said Knapp's fingerprints were on a ticket admitting him to Table Rock State Park.

Noel Talley, spokeswoman for the North Carolina Department of Justice, confirmed Hilton is a suspect in Rossana Miliani's disappearance but declined to offer more details. Miliani was last seen Dec. 7, 2005 near Bryson City, N.C. Some said she was with a white man in his 60s, and the young woman appeared nervous.

Beyond his age, Hilton fits many of the characteristics shared by serial killers. Renowned criminologist Steven Egger's criteria include a minimum of two murders (though some experts say three killings are a better indicator), no relationship to the victim and no connection to the other crimes. The slayings typically occur at different locales (Hilton is linked to crimes in three states so far), though the victims often share characteristics such as gender or age. The motivation is not financial, Egger said, though Hilton told the GBI that's why he killed Emerson.

"Money was a secondary issue," Hickey said. "This was about power. When you consider his comfort in the woods, that is where he felt most powerful, and that's why he killed them where he did."

Why he killed them is the greater mystery. The Bryants' murders coincide with a relatively dramatic event in the killer's life, the loss of his only link to normalcy. In September 2007, his longtime employer, John Tabor, succumbed to Hilton's demands for $2,500. Hilton's behavior had become increasingly erratic, Tabor said, and he paid him off in hopes of severing their already fractured relationship.

"This is systemic behavior with most of these guys," Hickey said. "He feels like the world is against him. There's issues of rejection, abandonment. Killing becomes his focus."

But Hilton got sloppy, especially in disposing of clues linking him to Emerson's death. He was arrested at a Chamblee convenience store near a busy intersection after being spotted dumping loads of sleeping bags, backpacks, bedrolls and blankets into a dumpster.

"Narcissism is not uncommon for such antisocial personality disorders," said Joe Davis, a veteran profiler and forensic psychologist based out of San Diego. "He likes the attention he's getting."

And while all the bodies were dumped within dense forests, they were still somewhat conspicuous. (Hilton led authorities to Emerson's body on the condition they not seek the death penalty.) Hunters in Florida and North Carolina, respectively, discovered Dunlap's and Bryant's corpses mere yards from unpaved hunting trails.

"I suspect he wanted them to be found," Hickey said. "He wants to be heard. He wants to frighten people. He wants to show his power. To him, it's really about having a voice."

While there's widespread speculation that Hilton has killed before, veteran GBI agent John Cagle, who led the investigation of Emerson's murder, said he has little doubt Hilton would've continued killing had he not been captured.

But Hilton got sloppy, especially in disposing of clues linking him to Emerson's death. He was arrested at a Chamblee convenience store near a busy intersection after being spotted dumping loads of sleeping bags, backpacks, bedrolls and blankets into a dumpster.
Hilton, did not get sloppy. He simply got desperate. He knew that the media had his Photo/Identity out to the public: A very powerful Resource, and it was just a matter of time before his 'Tragic Trail of Terror', would come to an abrupt but end...

Wolfscratch: May his many victims rest in peace....


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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C/P from:

I swear I saw this guy 2 years ago when my girlfriend at the time and I were hinking off of Richard Russell Prkwy. I was well in front of my girlfriend and she had the dogs. He walked right past me and tried to chit chat with my gf. I stopped and turned to tell her to keep moving. I told her there was something wrong with that guy. He put off some really bad vibes. Right before he tried to speak with her another younger guy did also. I remember because he was trying to talk to her but watching what i was doing. I also recall when we got back to the car there was a white van parked next to us. I've always told her to stay away from white vans...
Ric Spiva
Clarkesville, GA Reply » Sickened; Atlanta, GA

Several years ago, a hunter, local to the area, by the name of Leonard Sosebee, found a boot in the woods.
He wondered what this could be doing so far from the norm.
He picked the boot up to check it out because it just didn't seem right, and behold, inside was the bony skeletal remains of the foot.
He contacted the Union County Sheriff's Office and after a search of the area, they find the skeleton of the body, still with the clothes, but minus a head.
This happened within a mile of the area where Meredith Emerson was abducted.
Could there possibly be a connection here? BY: Rick Spiva, Clarksville, GA Topix

CP by Wolfscratch: GMH, had been stalking this area for decades, but the American people were kept in the dark, IMO...WHY?


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Journey backtracking Gary Hilton & Associates 01/06/08
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A little more info for the skeptics: The link below have Pics that I took over the Christmas Hollidays. As you click through the pics you will see how my dream home turned into a nightmare and how the journey backtracking GMH, began...

Go to this link: disregard the personal pics, I am low tech as I posted before. When you get to the pic with the stray; black lab: Buddy, sniffing the ground, pay attention to the iron bars leaning on the tree, I am confident that this is where GMH, ended Meredith Hope Emerson's life. The short bar was used for this purpose, it had severe curve in it as if it struck something with brute force.
Steve Watson; a local business owner saw GMH, standing in front of the abandoned house at 9 AM, 01/04/08. His words were, "He was standing there like a statue!" I am confident that he had ended Meredith's life prior to this sighting. The long bar was for defense, in case of intruders. The broken studs to the shed, where the Sears speaker was used by GMH, to support the shed roof, after the fight between him and Meredith. There are short sections of garden hoses are/were located in front of the large wooden wire spool, in the shed under the frayed rope(What was their purpose?). The small rope hank was used as a lease for her black lab puppy; Ella. GMH, bragged at the jail to the guards that she almost overpowered him during this attempt to escape.

GMH, has a cold weather room established in the attic of the abandoned house, complete with wood burning stove and a corrugated cardboard box: 3' X 7', which has a label that says,'Tuck Me In Box'.

The large steel tanks that have been cut in half were used to contain Meredith & Ella, or other victims when necessary.

Meredith Hope Emerson was a fighter. She still is...

Wolfscratch: She was my neighbor for 'just 4 days.'


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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Journey backtracking Gary Hilton & Associates 01/06/08
« on: Today at 11:31:50 AM » Quote

A little more info for the skeptics: The link below have Pics that I took over the Christmas Hollidays. As you click through the pics you will see how my dream home turned into a nightmare and how the journey backtracking GMH, began...

Go to this link: disregard the personal pics, I am low tech as I posted before. When you get to the pic with the stray; black lab: Buddy, sniffing the ground, pay attention to the iron bars leaning on the tree, I am confident that this is where GMH, ended Meredith Hope Emerson's life. The short bar was used for this purpose, it had severe curve in it as if it struck something with brute force.
Steve Watson; a local business owner saw GMH, standing in front of the abandoned house at 9 AM, 01/04/08. His words were, "He was standing there like a statue!" I am confident that he had ended Meredith's life prior to this sighting. The long bar was for defense, in case of intruders. The broken studs to the shed, where the Sears speaker was used by GMH, to support the shed roof, after the fight between him and Meredith. There are short sections of garden hoses are/were located in front of the large wooden wire spool, in the shed under the frayed rope(What was their purpose?). The small rope hank was used as a lease for her black lab puppy; Ella. GMH, bragged at the jail to the guards that she almost overpowered him during this attempt to escape.

GMH, has a cold weather room established in the attic of the abandoned house, complete with wood burning stove and a corrugated cardboard box: 3' X 7', which has a label that says,'Tuck Me In Box'.


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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Reply #39 on: October 05, 2008, 11:40:43 AM » Quote

Amazing.. He could be responsible for many a disappearance, when I suggested he is the person in the Jennifer kasse video it was ignored.
Keep looking.
Edward, very possible. I am confident that a conservative estimate is 150 victims. Normal Human Nature is to suspect the boyfriend, lover, Huspand or spouse. Read the comments of people that have followed Tara's tragic story from the beginning. GMH, was very creative and used this to his advantage, staging scenes, placing vehicles in different jurisdictions, knockin clocks off nightstands after changing the time to cause confusion as to the time of abduction,
He played games; head games, used deflection techniques, and had perfected his craft. GMH said, "I am a Professional." He left no witnesses...

Wolfscratch: Many times the absence of evidence or info tells the story.....


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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Edward, don't count out GMH, out on Jennifer Kesse's disapearance. The video of the POI walking by the iron gate, was wearing bicycle shoes. GMH, was caught at 6 different times on Wallmart Security cameras, dropping off victims vehicles and riding off on a bicycle, according to my info. The shed that he held Meredith, and hid his van next to the abandoned house has numerous purses in it. Non, fit the description of Jennifer's, but there are purses off several of the roads that I have tracked him. One has a black garbage buried, that a watch was retrieved from and a plastic wrap hood, shaped like a persons head, duct taped, next to it, with other miscillaneous residue, that the dowsing rods verify as his....

Wolfscratch: May they rest in peace...The truth will prevail, his victims demand it...


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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Remembering Meredith Hope}

How is it that I can love someone I have never met? I have spent the last 9 days in front of a computer screen grieving for someone I didn't even know, Meredith Hope Emerson. I have addictively returned to the internet many times a day (more than my employer would like to know) to read CNN updates about her disappearance and the case developing about the suspect. Meredith's angelic, smiling face, unlike any I have ever seen in the media, speaks to me. Her pictures speak a thousand words about who she was inside and how she spent her 24 years on this Earth. From what I have learned, Meredith was a beautiful person, full of life, love and vivaciousness, and was loved by so many, even strangers. She loved to hike with with her furry best bud, Ella, for the freedom, solitude and peacefulness it gave her. I understand this because I am a woman who hikes with my best 4 legged furry, Ember. There is nothing in this world to compare what it’s like to be out in the wilderness with my lil Embeeee. Meredith wants us to learn to play more, love more, appreciate more - spend more time with our puplers, with our loved ones, with the mountains. So, I will. And I will be careful, but not fearful. May I meet you on top of some mountaintop someday Meredith, with 4 pitter patters right behind you.

CP from 'Wild Aurora Blog' by Wolfscratch


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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Winton Porter is the Manager of the Trail Head Shop: Mountain Crossing. I met him while backtracking GMH. He helped search for her during those traumatic days. I did not know that he wrote the following Ellegy in Meredith's honor until I read it on my blog at a later date. He and the other searchers on Blood Mountain gave it their all!
An Elegy by Winton Porter
January 2008

Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises.
Meredith, whose kind and loving spirit was cruelly taken from all those who knew and loved her, has joined the ranks of trail angels.
She will forever be our guide.

Because trail angels dance along the path of peace and joy forever.
Because trail angels watch over those who merely want to walk forever.
Those who simply want to live.
Those who want to live simply.
And beautifully as Meredith did.
Merediths light once illuminated the path of hundreds of friends and family members as well as among the many, many she touched along the graceful trail of her life.
The light Meredith brought us has not been extinguished.
It has risen.
It now illuminates the path of millions
Across our nation.
Around the world.
And as her light rises, we come to know its source.
A source inextinguishable.
An inner source.
It came from Merediths compassion.
Her kindness.
Her love of outdoors.
Her love of animals.
It now fires our love.
Our compassion.
Our resolve to live better lives.
Kinder lives.
It warms us, consoles us, unites us here and now.
And as her light rises,
It ignites in us the good of our natures.
It reveals to us the beauty of these mountains.
It fires in us a renewed joy for living, for those around us, for the walks we share today.
Her light reminds us not to wait but to love while we still can.
Hush and truly listen.
Hear the drums?
Feel them on the wind?
Hear the human tales of triumph and sadness that echo through these vast and ancient mountains?
These are human tales, bouncing off the cliffs,
Reverberating among the high tree lines,
Following the deep gaps.
Filling our hearts.
Separateness is an illusion, my friends.
There is no me.
There is no you.
There is only We.
We of this earth.
We the one.
I am you.
You are me.
Together , we are bound by common experience:
Love. Life. Hope. Joy. Sorrow. Pain. Memory.
Meredith Emerson is you.
You are Meredith Emerson.
Follow her light.
It will guide you well.
Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises...

Wolfscratch: May she rest in peace...


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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A poem written by me and inscribed on a white Cherokee Marble Memorial in Meredith's memory, that will be donated to an Animal Rescue, at a later date:

Meredith Hope Emerson, loving, caring, an important part of nature, She and her dog Ella, loved the mountains and outdoors. Where the rhodendrum grow , the hemlock stand tall, and the Eagle soars, Just sitting marvelling at the appalacians; so majestic with splendor, She and Ella, playing, hiking, and bonding with love, The forest, inhabitants; birds, and deer meander, The meadows in Bucktown, will take your breath, and wild azaleas bloom, The sun rising high, the forest comes alive, the honey bees and Butterflys. Black bears just lumbering along, the birds singing mother nature’s favorite song. Hikers come from all over to hike the AT, some hiking it short, some hiking it long, She and Ella thought of this as a paradise, for whatever it’s worth, When they were one, with the earth, my only request is, and I pray, That they meet again on that endless Rainbow Bridge, entering Heaven , Someday. In nature she’ll be missed, by family, friends, and loved ones. As our somber nation prays, she was my neighbor for just Four Days....



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Re: Tara Grinstead
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Quote from: vms on October 09, 2008, 01:41:31 PM

When do you think this started with GMH? Do you have a year or range of years in mind? Do you have a list of possible GMH victims by year? Other than the map, that is...

Also, I was wondering if you might consider starting a thread just for all your GMH information, rather than have it all in Tara's thread?

I followed all the developments until it scared me so I couldn't sleep at night. I'm interested in reading more of your info.

I am going to ask Klaas and the Mods...pages and pages that have nothing to do with Tara do not belong here.


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Re: Tara Grinstead
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Police: Convicted Killer Admits At Least 12 Slayings

MOBILE, Ala. -- Jeremy Bryan Jones, a suspected serial killer convicted in the rape and murder of an Alabama woman, has admitted at least 12 more slayings in four other states, authorities said Wednesday.

"He enjoyed raping and killing," said Mobile County sheriff's detective Paul Burch.

Jones, 32, of Miami, Okla., faces a possible death penalty at sentencing Dec. 1 on his capital murder conviction in the killing of Lisa Marie Nichols, 44, of rural Turnerville, Ala.

He also is charged with killing a teenage girl in Georgia and a woman in Louisiana. He is a suspect in 10 other deaths -- seven in Oklahoma, two in Georgia and one in Kansas -- and could be linked to four others in Georgia, local and state law enforcement officials said at a news conference.

Was Jeremy Jones, one of GMH's Associates?

Wolfscratch: Jones, a construction worker told LE, acording to my info, that he dumped her remains near sweetwater Creek. LE searched Sweetwater Creek in Fulton County, GA Her remains were Found near Sweetwater Juno in Dawson County, near where Levi Frady, and Meredith Emerson's remains were found.

Patrice was found on a road that has yet another church on the same street called "Sweet Water Creek" church. The same "Sweet Water Creek" Jeremy Jones spoke of disposing of Patrice. I now wonder was his confession true but sketchy because of his drug abuse? Authorities in Forsyth County say that because Patrice was not found where Jones claims he put her, does not mean he is cleared. They still believe he is the one who took Patrice that fateful day.What makes this mystery so interesting is the fact that Patrice was found five days after an Alabama judge sentenced Jeremy Jones to die for murdering another woman.

CP & Comment by: Wolfscratch

Glenn - could you please clarify for us how this pertains to the Tara Grinstead case? TIA


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Re: Journey backtracking Gary Hilton & Associates 01/06/08
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Glenn -

Please continue posting about GMH in this thread and how you feel it pertains to other MP cases such as Tara Grinstead.

Wolfscratch: CP from missing persons; Tara grinstead

Glenn Adams said...

wesside story safety tips


Glenn Adams said...

Index Archives Susan Boyle sings "C... »
Matt Baglio, exorcist hunter
Friday April 17, 2009
Categories: Catholicism, Christianity (general), Occult
Matt Baglio is a young American journalist living in Rome. When he heard of a California priest who had been sent to Rome by his bishop to learn how to be an exorcist, Baglio became intrigued. Why does the Catholic Church still exorcise people? Is this stuff for real?

He writes about his journey into the world of contemporary exorcism in "The Rite", which has just been published. Over the course of his reporting, Baglio returned to Catholicism, in part by being confronted with the reality of the demonic -- of disembodied intelligent evil, and the power of Jesus Christ in the Church to deal effectively with it.

I conducted an e-mail interview with Baglio, from Rome. In it, he discusses what exorcism is, and is not, the presence of supernatural evil in the contemporary world, and a strange but joyful mystical experience that happened to him, and just might have been a sign of the presence of the Virgin Mary. The entire interview is below the jump.

Rod Dreher: How did this journey into the world of contemporary exorcists change you personally?

Matt Baglio: When I first began, I really didn't know anything about exorcism. In fact even though I'd been raised Catholic, I wasn't really a practicing one. But being a very curious person by nature I really wanted to understand the reality of the phenomena.

Early on I saw that most books on exorcism had a fairly biased approach--either discounting the phenomena out of hand or seeing demons around every corner--neither of which I found very convincing. Instead my whole goal was to be as journalistic and accurate as possible, not to limit myself and to ask the tough questions no matter where they led me. I witnessed exorcisms, interviewed countless individuals who claimed their lives had been marred by evil, others claiming their illnesses have been healed by the power of prayer. I spoke to exorcists who told me what it was like to be able to see the power of God, and to psychiatrists and scientists who didn't discount the possibility of a spiritual realm. I also read countless books on spirituality and on the history of the Church. In the end I found the process to be an incredibly edifying experience on many levels and it really helped me to reconnect with my faith. Now this doesn't mean that I don't still have some questions, but it certainly has helped me to understand the value of faith in a way I never did before.

You write in great detail about things your protagonist, Father Gary Thomas, saw in his training sessions with Father Carmine. Were you there to witness them? If so, what was that like for you?

I was able to see about 20 exorcisms, some of which Father Gary participated in. The thing that most surprised me was the relative normalcy of the people who had come to be prayed over. You could even have conversations with them. Of course once the exorcist began praying the Ritual then all that would change and the person would react, sometimes violently. Most of the cases I saw were of the milder sort where the person coughed, or just sat completely still. However I did see a few violent ones in which the person thrashed and their personality changed and they began speaking in a gruff and guttural voice that to me sounded very unnatural. In those instances I was really struck by the intense suffering that these people undergo.

Another thing that surprised me was the way the exorcist went about praying the Ritual. Initially I expected things to be more dramatic in the sense that the exorcist would be shouting and really berating the person. Instead the exorcists I followed were very calm and prayed the Ritual almost under their breath.

Many people today scoff at the idea of Satanic cults, but the exorcists you interviewed insist that they are a reality. Is the threat mostly real, or mostly imagined - and how, precisely, do cults threaten?

Well, I think it's pretty clear that Satanic cults do exist, some even have web sites. Now the question then becomes are they harmful, and if so how?

The first thing to understand is that these groups can be very different as not everyone believes the same thing. Some consider the devil to be kind of a natural force that they see as being repressed by organized religion. Other groups apparently do believe in a personified devil, and they perform rituals, which are said to involve drugs, orgies and in extreme cases even human sacrifice. Another group could be classified as just young kids into the trappings of certain music and primarily looking for a way to rebel. In fact some experts feel that Satanism is more of a cultural phenomenon. Others, including exorcists, see Satanic cults as a real threat that can open a person up to demonic attack.

Whatever your view, however, the police here in Italy clearly see cults as a problem. I was able to interview several detectives who've been following cases, some involving murder. According to what they had to say, Satanic cults do exist and they are responsible for committing some pretty heinous crimes, though these cases are usually rare.

Of course this doesn't mean that Satanic cults are harmless. In fact even skeptics point out the damage that these groups can cause to society because they preach a doctrine of hate and despair, and create narcissistic individuals who are incapable of feeling any kind of empathy for others. One police detective from Florence told me how hard it is for him to confront these groups because their members essentially take the shared values that we all have and flip them upside down. They take pleasure in lying and they celebrate death. He found it difficult to even talk to them because there was no common ground from which to start from.

Your exorcist contacts advise you, as mine - the late Father Mario Termini - did me, that people should absolutely stay away from the occult, even in its most apparently benign forms, because that is a gateway to the demonic. Yet occultism seems ever more present in popular culture. Does this concern you?

I think it is very troubling even just from the standpoint that it really reflects on how we have become a society of instant gratification. Nobody wants to struggle anymore, or accept the notion that there may be mystery, or things outside our control. I think there is also this notion that life should always be dramatic, and that we should be constantly pushing our senses to the limit or we're not really living. Seen in this context, for some people, just going to Church is pretty boring and so they go looking for answers elsewhere.

One of the things the course talked about was the concept that where faith decreases, superstition grows. And as more and more people turn away from traditional religions, other beliefs are rushing in to fill the void. What people don't realize is that there can be a consequence. Exorcists of course are adamant that this can lead to demonic attack. But even looking at this from a secular standpoint, you can have impressionable people becoming victims to "magicians" or "psychics" who defraud them out of thousands of dollars, destroying families and ruining people's lives.

Exorcists tend to have great concern, and even disdain, for contemporary priests and bishops who deny the reality of the demonic. In your opinion, how widespread is that denial in the ranks of the clergy, what are its roots, and what is its result? In my personal experience, once you've seen this sort of thing with your own eyes, it takes a superhuman act of will to deny the reality of malevolent spirits.

One of the first things I found fascinating at the course was this notion that some priests didn't believe in the devil. When I first met Father Gary he was quite candid about the fact that he'd never been taught anything about the devil or exorcism. He also told me of a few instances that had happened to him in Rome where he'd shared with some of the other priests he was living with that he was the exorcist and how some of them had dismissed him out of hand.

I talked to a variety of priests, including spiritual directors at some major Catholic seminaries, and got several reasons for why that might be. The first thing to say is that not that many Christians like to talk about the devil, and for good reason. The Church itself never really emphasized the devil, and so it became quite easy for priests to push that aspect of the faith aside. In addition a confluence of events in the late 1960s and 1970s really contributed to priests of that era turning away from the concept of the devil as a personified being. Many priests point to the turmoil that existed in the Church in the wake of the Second Vatican Council as being one part of the puzzle. Some priests had a hard time adjusting to the openness that Vatican II was ushering in. For sure it made it easier for many in the clergy to embrace a lot of other changes going on in society at the time. And during the 1960s and 1970s advances in science and medicine were explaining a lot of what in the past was considered to be in the realm of the spiritual. So I think priests saw that and said let's just be modern and open and not worry about these "medieval" things like evil spirits and Satan.

The result was that many priests saw the devil as a metaphor for evil and didn't believe in things like demonic possession or exorcism, which is the biggest complaint that exorcists make. This meant that Christians who in some way felt their lives were being affected by evil spirits had to go outside the Church to get help. Interestingly, Father Gary told me that the newer generation of seminarians is more apt to believe in the reality of Satan.

Why do some people become possessed, and others do not?

Exorcists say that a person can become possessed through occult ties, a life of hardened sin, through a dedication to a demon (a Satanic ritual), and through a curse. As to why one person becomes possessed while another does not, is a great question. Exorcists are quick to point out that there is still a lot of mystery involved in the process, and that it's still up to God. Since the devil is a created being, God is still in charge. So then the obvious question is why God would allow a person to become possessed. Some exorcists say that it could be for the expiation of sin, or to test a particularly devout individual.

Of course everything is tied up in the notion of free will. We all have a choice to do good or evil. With the exception of a curse, in which the person is a victim, the basic dynamic involved is that the person has made a conscious decision to turn away from God, and it is through this action that a demon is said to be given an opportunity to attack. So it isn't just that a person sins once, or plays with a Ouija board out of curiosity and that they are going to be possessed, but if they become dependent on the Ouija board as the source of their knowledge, or become addicted to a certain sin, then that takes their focus off of God, which is said then allows them to become targets of a demon.

It is important to note that in the Catholic tradition, demons are not the cause of every vice. It isn't that a person is an alcoholic because of a demon, or that they committed adultery because of a demon. Sometimes it is said that certain sins can open a doorway to a demon, but it isn't that the demon causes those sins. As individuals we are still responsible for our choices.

One of the most remarkable, and frankly depressing, aspects of "The Rite" is to learn that there are some people who undergo regular exorcisms for years, and are still not completely free of demonic influence. (I'm thinking of Sister Janica, the nun who had been raised in a family mired in ritual abuse). How do you explain that?

Father Gary had the same reaction when he began to see the same people prayed over time and time again. He couldn't understand why the prayers of exorcism weren't working, and it was then that he began to see that rather than a one shot deal, exorcism is really more of a process. As I detail in the book, the prayers of the Ritual weaken the powers that the demon has over the individual, which then allows them to return to church, to praying, and to go to confession. The whole goal of the demon is to keep people from praying, from having this communion with God, and so through subtle "attacks" it maneuvers a person as far away from God as possible. It's up to the person to change their lifestyle and renounce to any sins that may have opened them up for attack. Many of these cases that seem to go on forever usually involve an individual who is unwilling to change his or her own life, or thanks to an outside person (such as through a curse) that has some sort of connection to the victim, which is the case with Sister Janica.

"The Rite" makes it clear that full-blown possession is by far the most rare form of demonic influence, though certainly the most dramatic. What are some of the more common ones exorcists are called to deal with?

The first thing to mention is that according to exorcists the majority of people who come to see them don't actually need an exorcism. Many are just confused individuals or as one exorcist put it, have seen too many movies. They tend to be people down on their luck who are convinced that a curse has been put on them (very popular in Italy where things like curses are thought to be commonplace).

According to exorcists there are a variety of ways in which the devil is allowed to attack us. The most obvious one is temptation, which exorcists say is also the most common. Though this doesn't mean that the Catholic Church says that all temptations come from the devil. The "extraordinary" action of the devil is usually broken down into infestation (the possession of a place, like a haunted house); oppression (exterior attacks on a person, such as Padre Pio being pushed down a flight of stairs); obsession (an intense attack on the mind); and then finally possession. Exorcists told me that these should not be considered in any way to be a sequence that leads ultimately to possession.

You had a miraculous experience during the reporting of the book, a beneficial one. What happened, and what was the message you took from it?

I had an interesting thing happen to me as I was driving home one day after having interviewed a woman who was supposedly possessed, and who had entered into the trance state during the interview. She'd become pretty violent and had cursed an image of Mary and then tore it down off the wall, and according to the exorcist, the reason she'd done this was because Mary had apparently helped her a lot. So having been raised Catholic, I sort of said a quick prayer to Mary asking that she help the woman again. The woman continued to scream and yell so I didn't really think anything of it.

Then, at one point while I was driving home later that day, I smelled this powerful aroma of flowers inside my car. At first it didn't think anything of it (only later would I come to learn that some people associate this phenomena with mystical experiences). When the flower smell didn't go away I found myself smiling, not really knowing why. For me this was a powerful experience, but I don't know if I'd go so far to call it miraculous. In a lot of ways I'm still processing it. In the book I'm quite honest about the fact that I don't know where the aroma came from. However to me what really stood out was not the source but how it made me feel, which was this sense of comfort, and in turn a real sense of joy.

Unsurprisingly, your book was received harshly by Laura Miller, a reviewer in, who called you "credulous in the extreme." Two questions from this: 1) how do you deal with scorn and guffawing from the mainstream media by reporting this story, and 2) does Laura Miller have a point - I mean, do you worry that perhaps you have been too quick to believe these frightening stories from exorcists?

I've been very surprised to see how the book has been received by the media. I think rather than scorn, a lot of people don't quite know what to make of a book that neither belittles exorcism nor sensationalizes it. Now a lot of people who have actually read the book have responded to it and the reviews have been overwhelming positive.

I'm big enough to know that not everyone will like the book or appreciate the way I went about dealing with the topic, but I was very perplexed by Laura Miller's review. Either she didn't read the book or purposefully misconstrued things I had written, but either way I found it perplexing. For instance she writes that in relating the experience of smelling the flowers in my car that I was "convinced that the Virgin Mary was making her sympathies known to [me]," which I never said. She also said that I was anti-Vatican II, which is nonsense, and a couple other things that were inaccurate.

I think for a certain segment of the media it's very easy to belittle a person's religious beliefs. I didn't want to do that. I wanted to really understand what was going on, why people still believed in demonic possession and what science had to say about it. The material collected in the book is a cross pollination of a number of sources, including skeptics and scientists. Many of the most bizarre stories I heard came not from priests but from people who had no religious beliefs at all, or from psychiatrists who seemed to be at a loss to explain phenomena that they knew wasn't caused by mental illness. These weren't crackpots or manipulating priests, but sincere professionals.

One thing that was totally absent from her review is the fact that these Catholic exorcists are seeing people who are paying "psychics" to remove non-existent curses and in this contest it's the priest telling them to calm down, that nothing is wrong. I think for too long this notion has existed that the only reason that people believe in this stuff is because the Church is trying to brainwash them. Like many other aspects of exorcism that my book addresses, the reality is very different.

CP by Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Franna's comment: Wesside Story
Feb 11, 2008
GLENN: Awesome site! I plan to vist often. I, too, believe in there are no coincidences, mistakes. I believe we are guided by a higher power. To me, that is God. To others, it may be something of equal value to them. I do not judge. However, I believe God placed you in your dream home for the next phase of your life's work here on Mother Earth. I also believe that demon saw you were more spiritual than you may think, and it ran for it's life. I also believe Meredith's spirit and the spirits of those Hilton murdered may be leading you as well. The cassette tape you found of the songs? Divine intervention. Surround yourself in the protection of your faith, my friend. You are looking deep into the abyss. And the abyss does look back at you. The deeper you look, the deeper it looks at you. More later...

Glenn Adams said...

Maybe getting banned for life from 'WEBSLEUTHS' wasn't such a bad thing after all..... Sure didn't know this:

Did You? Don't think,

Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.
Chinese general & military strategist (~400 BC)

this quote would apply in this situation......

Wolfscratch's 'Tid Bits'....

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Going to go play in your sandbox, NativeNewYorker? LOL

The Cheryl Dunlap thread on WEBSLEUTHS was locked when you teamed up with Tazebell/Tater, who is working in conjunction with the Leon County, FL, Public Defender's Office which is defending Gary Michael Hilton: Prolific Serial Killer..... This information was shared with me by their investigator who called me weeks ago....

Wolves would scratch in the soil or sand to cover or hide their feeces, creating a stealth hunter, enhancing their success in stalking and capturing their prey...

'Wolfscratch' til my rods point to me..

Glenn Adams said...

From - Women In Crime:

Wolfscratch said...
Agent John Douglas profiled Hansen to a tee. He had pegged him with a studder or lisp, as an independent business owner, with a family. Hansen owned a bake shop where LE frequented(pastries) and was a pillar of the community.

Pat Brown said...
Actually, Douglas didn't actually profile Hansen before he was on police radar. He was already a suspect and the police asked what he thought about him being the guy and Douglas then analyzed his behavior. And he already knew he had a lisp, so that wasn't an amazing guess (which would be only a lucky guess because you cannot discern a lisp from a man's behaviors; you need a witness to say the guy has a lisp). So, profiling didn't identify Hansen, the cops did. However, the analysis of his behavior could have been helpful in the continuing investigation and prosecution.

December 27, 2009 5:56 AM

Actually Pat Brown, John Douglas did predict that Robert Hansen: Alaskan Serial Killer, had a lisp in his original profile... Hansen, was the primary suspect in the abductions and murders, yet his personal info wasn't made available to the FBI BAU, until the preliminary profile was complete.

Please refer to: Serial Killers: Profiling the Criminal Mind: 'A & E' - Disc 1 - 1994 (Ironically the same year the 'Deadly Run Movie' was filmed)...

After reading an article in Psychology Today about criminal profiling, the FBI BSU/BAU was contacted by the Alaskan State Trooper Detective Glenn Flothe, requesting assistance after being denied a search warrant for lack of probable cause. Deective Flothe began telling FBI Profiler Roy Hazelwood about Robert Hansen. Hazelwood said, "No, No, No"! Detective Flothe was advised by Hazelwood, not to give information pertaining to the suspect, only the victims and the specifics of the investigation. (An Artist is revealed by reviewing his Artwork)...
In the A & E documentary Detective Flothe states that John Douglas and Roy Hazelwood profiled Robert Hansen, and Douglas stipulated that the suspect would most likely have a lisp and have low self esteem, among other characteristics...

RE: that wasn't an amazing guess (which would be only a lucky guess because you cannot discern a lisp from a man's behaviors; you need a witness to say the guy has a lisp).
Criminal Behavior Profiling is not based on lucky guesses, but many years of research, interviews on many Serial Killers prior, crime scene analysis, deductive reasoning, common sense, as well as the ability to peel away the mask and enter the darkness of the demonic minds of those beyond evil...

FYI: John Douglas, predicted to the day that Atlanta, GA: Serial Killer Wayne Williams, would fake a medical emergency to gain sympathy from the jury during his trial. Williams complained of chest pains and was rushed to Grady Hospital, where Doctors found no signs of a heart condition...

John Douglas, advised Prosecutor Myers, in the Larry Gene Bell, Death Penalty Trial, Lexington Co., SC, for the Murder of Sherry Faye Smith, that Bell would cause an outburst or disturbance in the courtroom on the first day.
To the Prosecutors amazement, Bell acted out Douglas's prediction...
Bell was executed in 1996....

What I post is not speculation or conjecture..