Sunday, February 10, 2008

Best Friends

Shelby and Buddy; coon dog and black lab, dogs that have been very helpful during my journey. These are neighborhood dogs, that keep me company, most of the time. There are three more dogs that accompany them at times: Big O'Reilly, shelly, and a great dane.


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Glenn be sure and post you dog picture on Gretawire's pet thread beginning tomorrow (Mon) at 9. You should be able to post a link over here.

I am glad to see you putting this together here Glenn. You need to get your map posted on here too.

Glenn Adams said...

Wolf is my Companion
Wolf is my Brother
we walk together on our journey
Wolf is my guide
he shows me the path I must walk
he protects me from harm
wolf is my guardian
wolf is my teacher
he shares the wisdom of the ages
wolf is my comfort and warmth
I find shelter in his shadow
wolf is my spirit he has touched my soul...


Glenn Adams said...

Bringing the gods home. March 1, 2007
10 out of 11 found this review helpful

If anything jars your sensitivities, it's the claim that your brain is driving you instead of the other way around. Yet, many cognitive studies suggest that's often precisely the case. If David Lewis-Williams and David Pearce are correct, then mentally-driven activities have contributed to the making of many social conditions. One of those conditions, a universal which provides support for their thesis, is religion. The definition of "religion" has been subjected to some drastic changes lately. It's been broadened to encompass many "spiritual" themes. Today's spiritual movements tend to hark back to earlier, simpler modes. The authors assert that some of these can be traced to the Neolithic period in Europe and Western Asia.

Using the recent finds of archaeology and the cognitive sciences, the authors postulate that Neolithic society developed the foundations of religion. Moreover, religion pre-dated the adoption of agriculture and husbandry. Archaeology has revealed sites in Asia Minor suggesting that hunter-gatherer groups built shrines, seasonally visited for ritual purposes. Communities grew around these shrines and agriculture was developed to support them. The shrines marked a departure from earlier practices of dealing with the spirit realm in caves, represented by such sites as Lascaux and Chauvet as described in Lewis-William's previous book, "The Mind In the Cave" [2002]. The above-ground shrines allowed greater community participation and a new social structure. One aspect of that change was the burial of heads beneath the floors of houses. Some of the corpses may indicate more than just ancestral burial, and represent sacrifices. Was spiritual power derived from those buried heads, the authors query?

Glenn Adams said...

Sleddoghs; victim map with Gary Hilton's MO. Only preliminary. Many more to come, many unknown, homeless, runaway, etc. IMO

you have got to see this and remember it is only; Preliminary....

Glenn Adams said...

I went on the Journey yesterday, 04/09/08 with two very spirtual and sensitive; people. We made many discoveries; one of which was; 12 Butterflies hovering on the ground in a group. This was in the Wildcat Campsite; of Gary Hilton's. My nutty sister; SEA, has always refered to Butterflies, as Angels. Guess, she is not as nutty as I thought.
One of the persons, that I took the Journey with is from the area of Florida, where Cheryl Dunlap was murdered. She was a very spiritual and caring person, as was Meredith and many of his other victims. Hilton preyed on victims with these traits. Hilton has been tied to her murder, and LE is keeping the public in the dark as we were in GA, and other States. Seems that their most reliable news comes from the webb and the local gas station. What a shame. The "under investigation; routine", is costing precious lives.
Hilton, wore a white clay burial mask when he used Mrs. Dunlap's ATM card. This mask was used in burial rituals during the Neolithic Perriod(Stone Age) during; Joshua: The Soldier's Soldier; tearing down the Jerrico Wall. Is this history repeating itself in Hilton's evil demented mind? Is it a nother Movie in the making by Samuel Rael And Compoany? Was Gary Hilton the Creative Writer for this new Movie, as he was for 'Murder Run"; in The North Georgia Mountain. Was Hilton playing out the movie in real life? Inquiring Minds want to know! That's your job Media. Get to Work!

My Fox Blog "Who likes Pie"

Sleddog, my father thinks you helped hang the moon! Among other things. LOL :Postede by LB.

Wolfscratch said," I never said sled hung the moon" I said, "back during the last eclipse, that I thought he fired the missile at the runaway satellite, and acidentally hit the moon." haha, guess he needs a steady hand, like Hershey....

Wolfscratch: vinny

Hello bloggers, As most of you know I have retraced our journey the last couple of days. I can't release the name of the persons that accompanied us, at this time.
I can say that they were very spiritual, sensitive, and I feel that the things that I have seen and found were as obvious to them, as it is to me.
Although there were a few things that we didn't cover, due to time constraints, and sheer exaustion; both physical and mental, and emotional. There were actually, new discoveries that were missed on the original journey.
Retracing the journey has really helped my frame of mind, and is one more check on the positive side, of the goal, of getting Justice for Meredith. and his many, many victims. The Truth will emerge.. May they rest in peace....

Don't forget to network the new web;site by Bonnie; of Bonnie's Crime Blog: Appalacian Trail Murders. This site was set up by her to specifically share info, stories, and Safety Tips and Bulletins; that will insure a Safe, Peaceful, and Peaceful; Outing, in Our Majestic National Forest, for our friends, families, and loved ones. An ounce of prevention, if you will....

Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams

Glenn Adams said...

Anyone here?

Comment by Wolfscratch
April 12th, 2008 at 3:09 am
Mag 83, what I am about to tell you may be difficult to comprehend: Gary Hilton, is evil, demonic, cannibalistic, as well as a ritual serial killer. When I started to search for her remains on 01/06/08, I saw fresh car tracks leading to the rear of an abandoned house. When I entered the house, his demonic personality literally entered my head. I could not only vision where he went but what he did when he got there. I also took on his physical apearance and traits. I was verbally assaulted twice and, while dowsing for graves in his wildcat tract: Dawson Forest WMA, a camper that was in his old campsite, had his hand on his knife, he thought I was Hilton, and escaped from Dawson Co. Det. Ctr.
I documented all my findings on the web, for protection and memory purposes. I normally have brain fog, but have a photogenic memory at the moment concerning my the journey over the last 100 days since He held Meredith 200 yards from my home, in the abandoned house.
To respond to your post: It is important to inform the public for several reasons.
He is not the first, last, or only. Go to Levi Frady; site, and Patrice Endres; site. He IMO, is their Killer. Hilton, had atleast one assistant, I am confident of this. Jeremy Jones; death row, AL. The other person of int., is on Levi’s site.
Ask yourself: How many people does it take to make a Movie? Have you ever seen a hunting club with one Member?
Hilton: was the creative writer for the movie Murder Run 1995; by Samuel Rael. Hunt club in N. GA Mtns.
He has hundreds of victims; deceased and in prisons, or financial and emotional ruin. They didn’t know his identity until 09/07, per my info. They deserve Justice!
I respect your opinion….

Wolfscratch: Glenn Adams
Sleddoghs; victim map with Gary Hilton’s MO. Only preliminary. Many more to come, many unknown, homeless, runaway, etc. IMO

you have got to see this and remember it is only; Preliminary….
Had the info that LE knew as far back as the early 90’s, there were flyers on the AT; trees, that said, “:Serial Killer on the Trail!”

Glenn Adams said...

~There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue. Commit a crime and the earth is made of glass. Commit a crime, and it seems as if a coat of snow fell on the ground, such as reveals in the woods the track of every partridge, and fox, and squirrel.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
C/P by wolfscratch: 'The truth will prevail'

Glenn Adams said...

Pic of GMH; campsite to compare with Wildcat campsite(for investigative purpose)


Glenn Adams said...

Link: Where the above Pic of GMH, wearing yellow jacket in campsite, can be located with more info concerning John & Irene Bryant.

CP Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...
Interesting statement at the end of this article: Authorities are looking into two victims in FLorida with GMH's signature attached...


Glenn Adams said...

WAGA 5; GA's most Wanted: Levi Frady- Dawson Forest WMA Atlanta Tract: Oct 22, 1997.

Note Date: one day before Hunting Season. GMH, is very calculating, hunters are the eyes and ears of the forest, he knew this...
MyFox Atlanta | More Law Enforcement to Get Involved in Levi...
It's what you are thinking about. How can I solve Levi Frady?” However, there is a new development in the case. The GBI said it will present the evidence to ... - Similar pages
MyFox Atlanta | Georgia's Most Wanted: Levi Frady ...
Oct 30, 2008 ... October marks the 11th anniversary of the murder of Levi Frady (shown ... Investigators with the GBI said Frady was driven almost 20 miles ... - 46k - Similar pages

[ More results from ]


One Year Ago:


“We will be talking to authorities in Florida who are working a homicide case there in the near future,” said GBI Director Vernon Keenan. “We will be meeting with them and providing them with what we know occurred in the Meredith Emerson case."

Similarities in the long trail of tragedies cannot be ignored, authorities said.

In North Carolina, hikers John and Irene Bryant were killed in the woods; their ATM card was stolen and used by a suspect in Tennessee; he was wearing a yellow jacket similar to the one worn by Hilton.

And the case of Levi Frady has yet to be discounted.

A decade ago, the 11-year-old boy was killed in the same woods as Emerson. Of the two suspects seen in the area shares several of the same physical traits as Gary Hilton.

There is also the Patrice Endres case out of Forsyth County, in which a white van was seen as a suspect vehicle.


Glenn Adams said...

'Banned(Censored) again from WEBSLEUTHS'

You have NO idea what you are talking about . WS is owned by one person. Many moderators work for her. I am guessing that people reported that Wolf copied and pasted what a mod wrote to him, PLUS he was also bringing other people's posts over here. I DO NOT KNOW OF A SINGLE MODERATED BOARD THAT WOULD TOLERATE THIS!! And let's not even mention the endless copy/paste he did over there, the weird PMs he sent to people about channeling Hilton...IF you want to enable ravings in this sandbox, have at it...but he was poster boy for how to get banned from the get go. How do I know all this? I had other posters on there pming me about him, what to do...I said, "let it go, he will hang himself." And he did, because the mods looked around and saw the mess he was making. This is my final post. .
Posted by ChicagoMom2

The majority of the members of Websleuths are honorable and concerned citizens interested in contributing positive opinions and information or to help, solve, debate , or contribute ideas in ongoing investigations without attacking or impeaching other's integrity or credability.

re: 'the mess he was making':

Although the thread began over a year and a half ago and all evidence & info has been silenced by the Justice System, for over a year now, views doubled in only 5 weeks, once the unbridled truth was shared.

On page 4 of the WEBSLEUTHS: Cheryl Dunlap thread, comments from this forum were carried over to Websleuths from this forum(sandbox) directed at me personally. NNY, I think you mentioned me channeling GMH in your comment..

The original 'Cheryl Dunlap' thread continues to receive more views than the 'new thread, iniated by you to derail' and interfere with concerned members and guests right to uncensored comments.

re: If you want to enable ravings in this sandbox(CM2: Native NewYorker):

Wolves don't use sand a courteousy to others who have their 'Head in the Sand'......