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glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 3:23 pm
If it has not been sensored yet, you can click my name and go to my blog where I have a few pics of my journey and the Tribute memorial I built for Meredith Hope Emerson.
My plan for the Memorial is; Get media attention while letting people visit it at 105 Goshen Church Rd, Dawsonville GA, 30534. I am in the process of adding music and placing it on Utube and My Space. After a few months I will try to get sponsors to place it at Licensed Animal Rescues for a few months, to help them with donations and adoptions, then pass it on to another. I feel that this is the least I can do in her memory, she was my neighbor for just four days…


glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 3:57 pm
This blog was censored by : “The King” at WXIA T, for not agreeing with his philosophy. It had 2000 comments, The next blog which was started by loyal bloggers was: What happened to safety Tips? It had 1200 comments in 4 days. The 3rd blog, was called What Happened? If you say: Santa says Ho Ho Ho Ho merry Christmas, it will display as “Santa says ** ** ** ** Merry Christmas. What is Santa to do? That’s WXIA TV topix.net, ridiculous!

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glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 4:10 pm
Linda Bass, Most of these LE Departments are in the pre 09/11/08; mode or strategy. It is the us against them attitude, or the “This case is under investigation;” routine.
This policy is causing precious lives, due to the loss of resources. The American public could be the eyes and ears of LE, but due to EGO’s, it is not utilized, and it is free. AMW; 985 Fugitives apprehended due to public involvement. When will they learn, lives are too precious to gamble with!


glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 4:19 pm
I am going to give a descriptive name to Gary Hilton that should paint a picture for the bloggers, that is based on my findings: Evil, Demonic, Caniballistic, Ritual: SERIAL KILLER: The Hannibal Lectur, of the 20th and 21st century. I would to love to put him to death for his evil deeds, revive him, and repeat, however he doesn’t care. He would be a Lieutenant upon arrival in Hell! If he has CJD, he has a short life span. He needs to be studied and interrogated to get the truth about any accomplices…..

Wolfscratch; taking a break so someone can post…


glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 4:42 pm
My reply to Sleddog, from another blog. He is a researcher, and had a map with Hilton’s possible victims on it. Over 200, from Vermont to Florida, and west to Memphis, TN. M. King at WXIA, censorsed this valuable info. He should be ashamed..
Sleddog, how was the Ididarod? Notice you are plural. How’s the trip? I am very concerned that the fox is investigating the henhouse robbery in this incidence. Seems obvious to me that he had accomplices, I feel that they are destroying evidence as these items and info, that I have discovered are being ignored.
The room in the Abandoned house by my home is identical to the one on the Tallahassee News; site Murder Movie of Rael’s.
Sleddogs, thanks for your concern and much apreciated support, trust me, the PTSS, is only a minuet part of this equation.
I sure do miss your victim map. Could you re post it? How many possible victims are on it now? Did you ever find Vann Mason.
By the way, you sure show up at the darnedest times..
About your BIL, tell him I said hello, and he knows the old, “you go we go; rule, well Hilton’s victims, are gone

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 6:34 pm
This poem is inscribed in the White Cherokee; marble memorial, with a scene of Meredith and Ella, enjoying the peace , tranquility and spectacular views of the Appalacians…

Glenn Adams
February 17th, 2008 at 2:31 am Meredith Hope Emerson, loving, caring, an important part of nature, She and her dog Ella, loved the mountains and outdoors. Where the rhodendrum grow , the hemlock stand tall, and the Eagle soars, Just sitting marvelling at the appalacians; so majestic with splendor, She and Ella, playing, hiking, and bonding with love, The forest, inhabitants; birds, and deer meander, The meadows in Bucktown, will take your breath, and wild azaleas bloom, The sun rising high, the forest comes alive, the honey bees and Butterflys. Black bears just lumbering along, the birds singing mother nature’s favorite song. Hikers come from all over to hike the AT, some hiking it short, some hiking it long, She and Ella thought of this as a paradise, for whatever it’s worth, When they were one, with the earth, my only request is, and I pray, That they meet again on that endless Rainbow Bridge, entering Heaven , Someday. In nature she’ll be missed, by family, friends, and loved ones. As our somber nation prays, she was my neighbor for just Four Days….

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 20, 2008 at 2:17 am

There are two metal real estate signs; From two different Mountain Properties;located near an abandoned house at Hwy 183 and Afton Rd., Dawsonville, GA 30534. The RE companies are located in; Murphy, NC. Hilton used these signs for two purposes: 1. In case LE caught him on the posted land, he would tell them that he worked for the RE company, and was placing the land on the market; cagey and calculating. 2. He also used the two signs for blinds to hide his and Meredith’s presence, under a large hemlock tree.
I called the broker, the signs were like new. I ask if he and his competitor were missing them. He said yes, so I ask him to find out where the property is that they came from, and report to LE. He camped at these locations nd graves may be located there. I called Murphy, NC; Sheriffs, Dawsonville Sheriffs Dept. This was weeks ago. The Signs are still there. I rode back by a couple of days later and 2 wo Buzzards were perched above two gravesites that I located. Damn

Glenn Adams said...

I have been backtracking GMH, since 01/06/08, while looking for Meredith's remains. What I have found is tragic. He has been doing his evil deeds for decades, 47 years according to him. He has many victims from the eastern US, and beyond. Many were taken from the AT. Many were never found, or reported mising.
This is a description of my findings: Evil, demonic, cannibal, ritual: SERIAL KILLER.
He was the creative writer for a movie: "Deadly Run"; by Samuel Rael; his public defender; Dekalb County, GA. He defended him on an Arson case, but said he knew that he was sociopathetic, but didn't know he was violent GMH, handpicked the cast and crew, shooting locations, plot, name, and tutored; the lead actor, in the art of "serial killing". The movie was filmed in the North GA Mtns in 1994, and went to video in 1995. It is about bringing beautiful young girls to the North GA Mtns., setting them loose in the forest, and hunting them like game.
I am confident that he hd associates. He hd no victim profile; from 11 year old Levi Frady(Google his name) to 84 year old; Irene Bryant and her Huspand(NC; AT Hikers)
This may not be his only movie, and I am confident his next movie wa to be the Jerrico wall. He was emulting Joshua: of the Old Testament. He has over 15 identical traits. He was on mission.
Go to: www.glennindawson.blogspot.com or http://appalachiantrailmurders.blogspot.com
For more info.


Glenn Adams said...

A positive article:

Georgia’s Child Abduction Response Team
Today Governor Sonny Perdue signed an executive order to form the Child Abduction Response Team (CART).

“This executive order will ensure a quick, deliberate response for missing and endangered children. The Child Abduction Response Team will guarantee the rapid collaboration of each agency and ensure disciplined recovery efforts,” said Governor Sonny Perdue. “The safety and security of all of our children remains a top priority for Georgia.”

The executive order addresses the time sensitive nature of child abduction cases by establishing a pre-planned response coordinated across various state agencies. Through CART, nine state agencies have formed a partnership, including the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), pulling together resources to aid in the search and rescue effort. Each agency will report to the GBI under supervision of Director Vernon M. Keenan.

“An immediate and organized response by state and local officials is imperative to the safe recovery of Georgia’s children,” said GBI Director Vernon Keenan. “The Child Abduction Response Team will provide superior training for all agencies involved with the search of a missing or abducted child.”

The text of the Governor’s Executive Order is below:

Whereas: The State of Georgia has a duty and responsibility to protect children from sexual predators and others who would do harm to our greatest resource; and

Whereas: The primary goal of the Child Abduction Response Team (CART) is to provide a coordinated local and state response to incidents of child abduction by organizing the resources and expertise of various agencies; and

Whereas: The State of Georgia shall implement the Child Abduction Response Team to aid in creating a Safer Georgia for children; and

Whereas: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Georgia Department of Public Safety, the Georgia Department of Corrections, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, the Georgia Department of Human Resources, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles shall join together in a multi-agency effort to rescue abducted children and as needed, allocate their resources to missing or endangered children cases; and

Whereas: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation shall be responsible for coordinating the CART program and ensuring the agencies listed in this Executive Order work in partnership in response to child abduction incidents, training, and preventative measures; and

Whereas: The Georgia Emergency Management Agency shall support the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s activation of the CART program by establishing Unified Command and coordinating additional state resources as needed, consistent with the Georgia Emergency Operations Plan; and

Whereas: The agencies listed in this Executive Order shall execute a Memorandum of Understanding in regard to the guidelines for implementation of the CART program.

Now, therefore, by the power vested in me as Governor of the State of Georgia, it is hereby

Ordered: That the agencies listed in this Executive Order coordinate their available resources to implement the CART program and to adhere to the provisions of the CART Inter-Agency Memorandum of Understanding.

This 29th day of April, 2008.

CP Wolfscratch

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Here are some other links where we picked up some new people.

Remember we kept getting our threads pulled by Topix?

March 4, 2008
1960shippy wrote:
shhhh, JWW will try to kick your butt early and the rest of crew is ok, except for river and sled they smell funny.

Wes Side Story - Wes Side: Safety Along The Trail Jan. 9, 2008

Hilton Indicted in Florida Murder Feb. 28, 2008

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What Happened Mar. 12, 2008

Hilton Helped With Murder Movie Mar. 5, 2008

Hippy, GA, Franna, Surfer, LB,, Mawmaw, Agree1, RA, TLS, Miamigirl, etc. Mar. 15, 2008

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Tell us what we are doing wrong that gets our threads pulled Mar. 12, 2008


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Glenn Adams said...

Have a thousand stories to share from the CUE National Conference, the past 3 days, held in Wilmington, NC, but one in particular that simply fractured my heart:

Let me start by saying that Monica Caison, is an amazing lady whose Vision began over three decades ago, which has been honed to the point of excellence! She has the ability to coordinate searches from alligator infested swamp land, to the Colorado Rockies, Ground Zero NY/NY, to Haiti.. When a victim needs help, they are Priority, 24/7-365. This includes the families. She is an absolute firecracker!

As you are aware I was an Atlanta Firefighter. I was stationed near the Atlanta Stadium in a depressed and high crime area of the city.
On November 1, 1978, only blocks from this station lived a 16 year old teenager named Donna Green. Donna was rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital, to give birth to a beautiful baby boy named Raymond Lamar Green.

A Couple days after giving birth, she received a visitor; a teenage stranger that said that her sister had given birth to a baby in an adjacent room. She said that her sister was asleep and ask if she minded if she visited her.

Donna, being polite and always open to new friendships, said that she would love to have her company. Her new friend visited her everyday thereafter.
Once Donna and Baby Raymond was released to go home, she received a knock at her door on Prior Street. Much to her surprise, it was her new friend, that had came to check on her and the baby's welfare.

Donna decided to go upstairs to take a shower and left the baby in the care of her brother. Baby Raymond, got fussy, so her brother was relieved when Donna's friend picked him up and consoled him.

Her brother dozed off thinking that Raymond, was being well taken care of.
'Baby Raymond vanished that day, over 31 years ago'...

Donna frantically called APD and reported the abduction. An investigation was conducted and concluded that Baby Raymond was sold on the Black Market.
A couple years ago, after three decades of anguish, Donna contacted APD to request a new cold case investigation. She found that there were no records indicating the abduction. She presented APD with the newspaper article for verification.

Donna was reading a magazine article one lonely night, a few days ago at 1AM, which was about Monica Caison and CUEs National Conference. Donna, at wits end, dialed her number. Donna, expecting a recorder was shocked when Monica answered her phone, listened to her traumatic story, and invited her to the conference, although the registration deadline had passed.

One of the classes at the seminar was taught by renouned 3D & Sketch Artist: Diane Trepkov.
Monica arranged for Donna to meet with Diane, upon arrival. Diane extracted over 4 pages of descriptive information from Donna's memory as well as other pertinent info and had a sketch completed, which was identical to the suspect, by the following morning. By that afternoon, Diane had a sketch completed of Baby Raymond.
Needless to say Donna Green was overwhelmed that complete strangers would go to these lengths to locate her lost child, by a simple late night phone call...



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They are the 'Eyes and Ears' of the open road and highways.. They even have a missing persons org.

18 Wheel Angel Awareness Program
18 Wheel Angels is an all volunteer program in which truck drivers volunteer ... Project Jason has given out more than 4750 missing person photo buttons ... or sign up for the program at 18WheelAngels@projectjason.org Bookmark this page ...
www.projectjason.org/18wheel.shtml - Cached - Similar


Wolfscratch: 'ROLL ON 18 WHEELER'...