Tuesday, March 4, 2008

in memory of Merdith Hope Emerson


Glenn Adams said...

Hello Bloggers, you too shippy. Hope yall are doing fine, I couldn't be better.
Hilton, helped Samuel Rael, write Murder Run, In The North Georgia Mountains. He then, acted out the movie not only in his distorted mind, but in reality.
This brings up several questions that an Inquiring Mind want's to know:
How long did Hilton Know Rael?
How many other Movies did Hilton, lend his sociopathetic; creative talents.
Did Rael, make any movies concerning; Torching, a resident, while occupied, by his fiance and her parents, in Dekalb County, GA in 1982?
If Justice had prevailed in 1982, would the Movie: Murder Run, have ever been produced?......

Glenn Adams, a crying shame, may Hilton's many victims rest in peace...

Glenn Adams said...

Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 7:12 am
Finding the white clay substance, at two of his campsites that is similar to the white clay, of the mask Hilton, used when he us; Mrs. Duncan’s; ATM cards is why I am leaning in this direction: Hilton emulating Joshua in an evil way.

White clay substance: Dowsing rods indicate it is of human origin.
Hilton carried a Huge Huntint Knife; similar to machette
Appalacian Mountains: Ancient; oldest in the world.
Steve Watson: “I saw him standing in front of the abandoned; Densmore House like a statue.” Joshua did this after conquering a people.
Joshua stood on a mound, like a statue, after conquering Jerusalem, Hilton always camped near East Mississipian; Indian Mound. The Cherokees called them; “The Ancient Ones.”
Gary Hilton collected the Mound Dwellers; Artifacts, and adorned his victims graves with them. He could read the signs in these artifacts, which were tools and artwork made from rocks.

Appalachicola Indians: Appalaciatian Mountains named after them. Appalacicola; where Mrs. Duncan, was taken.
Amicacola River; same size as Jordan river, where it dumps into the dead sea.
Ritual Killer; Joshua, would hang victims from a tree until sundown, then perform rituals on them.
Joshua was the Soldier’s soldier; Hilton claimed to be a two tour of Vietnam; Airborn Army Ranger. He actually went to Germany, as I. In his deviated mind he believed this to be true, and carried himself as it were true. While back-tracking him, this was very obvious. He left his campsites as they were when he arrived; as rangers are trained. He would bury his trash in black plastic bags.
If you observe; Hilto, in court, he carries himself as a Soldier, showing no remorse, as did the Oklahoma; Fed Bldg. bomber; McVay…
Joshua, ha one member from each tribe under his command. I am concerned that Hilton, did not act alone!
How many decades, has this Evil, demonic, ritualistic, cannibalistic: SERIAL KILLER, of Hannibal Lectur; magnitude, been doing his dirty deeds? How many others are involved? Why was he not encarcerated in 1982; for life, in Dekalb Co., GA. Why have the Court Records Vanished?
These are only a few of the questions, that the media needs to be asked…
Will it be 40 years before Hilton’s victims are reunited with their families? The Truth will perservere!…

Wolfscratch; may they rest in peace…

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 11:48 am
A few points that were left out in my last post:
The white clay mask was placed on the Skull during burial rituals in the Neolithic(Stone) Age. The people buried their dead beneath the floors of their dwellings. The burials were very elaborate, and included the molding of a clay shell over the skull. Sea shells were used as the eyes. This clay mask is identical to the one Hilton wore.

The E. Mississippian Indians built rock walls that were used to trap fish when the river got out of it’s banks. Hilton Stayed near these walls in Wolfscratch/Dawson Forest; WMA. The Jerrico wall.
He marks his burial grounds, which have multiple graves, with multiple remains in many of them, with glass canning jars. His victims are decapitated with glass jars. And Hilton destroyed; man, woman, young and old, with the edge of his sword, as did Joshua..
Joshua rose early in the morning. The abandoned house is less than 300 yards from my home, it is for sale, with sign. I woke up at 4 AM, every morning he was here with knots in my stomach. I have never done this before or since…

It was reported by the GBI that; Hilton has MS. He was self diagnosed MS, and had a DR., Prescribing him Riddilin in large doses. I feel he has CJD; Creichfield Jacobs Disease. Research this. The GBI; PR unit said Hilton held Meredith for 3 days: Tues, Wed, Thurs, Friday = 4 days: GBI Math! Following SOP, and a simple 911 call by John Tabor would have captured Hilton and rescued Meredith Emerson, I am confident of this. I saw his vehicle in the woods next to my house on thurs., but thought it was campers. The GBI, did not get this info to the media…
He used broomsticks, in a perverted way. IMO

Wolfscratch: may they rest in peace…

glenn Adams: Wolfscratch Says:
March 19, 2008 at 12:34 pm
Bonnie, by the way, that’s my wife’s name. I have put my family and friends through severe stress through out my journey to get Justice for Meredith and Hilton’s many, many victims. I feel that I am being led by his victims. I can not explain why I can see things that I shouldn’t, know things that I shouldn’t, or find things that dogs cvan’t find. I just know that I have, and I can’t get any help from Law Enforcement, only hinderance. They don’t have a clue and don’t want one. IMO I feel that tyhey are in the PR; CYA mode due to the ramifications of what I have been reporting since 01/06/08: Over 100+ victims in graves and in Prisons. Just my Humble Opinion.
If anyone saw the new show; “Castlebury’s Law”, this will give a clue to my knowledge on this subject. I would much rather the news media do this, but they seemed to be in hiding…

Wolfscratch; may they rest in peace…

Glenn Adams said...

Bonnie's crime blog, has opened a new site devoted to Missing and Murdered; Appalacian Trail Hikers. If you have any info to share, go to: http://www.appalachiantrailmurders.blogspot.com
Since the trail extends from Georgia to Canada, info may not be shared, and info falls through the cracks. This is a great idea, please support it by spreading the wortd to all the adjoining states and avid hikers. I am concerned that Gary Hilton may have preyed on Bicyclists also. If you have any info on this please post it.
Thank you,

There were posters in the early 90's, that read: BEWARE SERIAL KILLER ON THE AT

Glenn Adams said...

I talked to DW; the person that dropped Vann Mason off at Cal Rock Mtn. to hike the AT, to Springer Mtn, and was to pick him up there. I originally posted that it was Oct 04, I found out today that is was the 3rd week in Oct. 2003. Vann was found unclothed, and had a 4' dia. pine limb in his hand, a broke neck, and was ruled as an; "accidental fall from a tree."
DW, was very close friends with Vann Mason, and is on his mind to this day. An interesting observation came out while talking about the area; that I am confident was Hilton's base camp for years.
There used to be an old house on Steve Tate Hwy, at the Amicacola River. It was unique in that it had hand carved trim, of early English design, was in very good condition, and has historical significance as a school and country store. I would take visitors to see it in the early 90's. I located a hidden room in the soffit area under the stairs, that had a large sofa placed in it before it was enclosed. I figured it must have been a moonshiner's house and this was his hiding spot.
I was informed by DW, today, that they were fishing in the vicinity and noticed lights on in the old house, the next day they checked it out and found a creative writing studio set up. He said that the bathtub and sink was sparkling and the house emaculate. He had never seen a cleaner house, I think is how he put it.
Something I have noted about Hilton, is that he left windex bottles, carpet, wet wipes, and clorox bottles everywhere I tracked him. I found brooms in 3 of his campsites and; a broom, mop, half full bottle of windex and half full bottle of clorox, and dustpan, in the Densmore; abandoned House, that had been recently used.
I feel that Hilton's victims, are crying out to be revealed. I also feel that Vann Mason, is one of his many, many; victims... this should be reinvestigated as many deaths in State and National Parks, should be... may they rest in peace..


By Blaine Tollison: wctv tvGary Micheal Hilton confessed to the murder of a North Georgia hiker before being charged in February for the murder of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Dunlap. Authorities are now finding out the suspected serial killer helped produce a horror film over a decade ago. The Leon County Sheriff's Office says the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is in contact with the film's producer.

The film called "Deadly Run" is about a serial killer who hunts women he sets free in the woods. The producer of the film, Samuel Rael, says Hilton came up with the plot. For the 1995 screenplay, he says Hilton suggested, "go ahead and let some beautiful women out in the woods and then they could be hunted down like prey."

He even says Hilton helped find a spot for the shoot--a secluded cabin near Cleveland, Georgia. Just 30 miles southwest of the cabin, the body of Meredith Emerson was found, who Hilton admitted to killing in January. Producer Samuel Rael says he was friends with Hilton.

Rael said, "Everything that Gary did was crazy and unusual and odd, but not in a way that you think he would be violent." Rael, also an attorney remembers defending Hilton on several cases from trespassing to arson. He also says, when he heard about the latest charges against Hilton, it was almost word for word from the; MOVIE!

I am confident that Hilton olived in the area known as "Wolfscratch Wilderness", for decades...

Joined: 01/09/2008
Posts: 115 Posted: Apr/01/2008 5:09 AM (report inappropriate content) Quote | Reply | Edit | Delete

Hurricane Floyd, sept. 1999, washed away the remnants of the old; picturesque house, on the Amicacola river. It had caught fire a few weeks prior, and had been sold by the GA DNR, to a commissioner in Dawson County for $1.00, with the stipulation that it be moved, a few months prior to this; according to my info.
I feel that this beautiful, old historical house, had an ironic demise. I also wonder, if it was lightning, that caused the fire or something more sinister? Was this old house pictured, in any of; Samuel Rael's movies. Only time will tell. May his many, many victims receive the Justice they deserve, and may they rest in peace...

Wolfscratch: www.glennindawson.blogspot.com

Prairie Chicken said...

Hi Glenn/Wolfscratch

Bonnie's Crime Blog is great, I had not seen it before, but you have her confused with me.

I post as Janet on Gretawire, but my blogs are http://prairiechicken.blogspot.com and http://appalachiantrailmurders.blogspot.com

I wish you well,
Janet aka Prairie Chicken

Glenn Adams said...

Jennifer Pharr, is dedicating this hike in Memory of Meredith Hope Emerson. It is amazing to me that Meredith, made such a huge impact on so many, ...
prairiechicken.blogspot.com/2008/06/nonprofit-established-in-remembrance-of.html - 67k - Cached - Similar pages

Jennifer did it!


Jennifer Pharr Davis finished her supported SOBO thru-hike at 3:03pm yesterday (Sat. 8/16) to set a new women's endurance record for the AT.

57 days 8 hours 38 minutes

On Springer to celebrate with her was her husband (and tremendous support crew person) Brew, her Dad (who competently drove support the last 5 days while Brew returned to work), David Horton (former AT/LT record holder and current PCT record holder, myself (former AT/LT record holder), Brew's mother and father, and Jen's photographer friend.

I feel privileged to have been a part of this Olympian-like accomplishment, especially the last four days when Jen's dad, David and I worked so well together in support of Jen.

Jen averaged 51.1 mpd her last four full days on the trail (Davenport Gap to Neels Gap). We met her eight times each of the last full two days and six times the last day into Springer. David was a great on-trail 'extra' motivator walking several sections of trail with Jen.

It was very memorable and I am still amazed on how 'easy' both Jen and Brew made it look. She averaged approximately 37.8 mpd with no blisters and her only 'injury' was a swollen ankle for a few days in Maine early on.
Warren Doyle
30,000-miler (and counting)

She can now, 'Go Rest High on that Mountain,'


Glenn Adams said...

Hiking trail dedicaned and named for Meredith Hope Emerson Tribute:



Glenn Adams said...


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I Love YaBB 2!

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Re: Tara Grinstead - Ocilla, GA
Reply #241 - Yesterday at 14:33:07 Wolfscratch. I am going to ask you to respect the members
on this site. This includes respecting the threads and posts. I
will ask you to please start your own thread. We, the members,
all feel that what we have to say is important, just as you feel so.
If you feel it is important to discuss GMH, please do so on a thread
of your own. Thank you. If you continue on this thread the
admin will have to take steps to insure that the members can
discuss Tara seperatly and you will be banned. It is your choice.
Back to top
Ummie, 'Silence & censorship' as well as noncommunication is why GMH, has been preying on our friends, families, and loved ones for decades., oblivious to LE...
I refuse to be intimidated or stick my head in the sand. My only motive is to reveal his victims, and GMH's Associates; all of them... He was not the first, last, or only!
Banning me is not neccessary, I will volunteer to move on....

Wofscratch may his many, many victims rest in peace..they have no voice....

Glenn Adams said...

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Publish Date: 1/4/2009

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Meredith Emerson adopted her dog, Ella, from a rescue organization. Emerson, a Longmont native, disappeared Jan. 1, 2008, during a hike in Georgia. Emerson was killed Jan. 4, 2008. A fund established in her name raised more than $37,000 for the Longmont Humane Society last year. Photo by Pat Mitchell

Humane Society dedicates walk to Emerson

By Scott Rochat
Longmont Times-Call

LONGMONT — The Longmont Humane Society will rename its annual Walk for Animals and dedicate it to Meredith Emerson, a former Longmont resident who was abducted and killed in Georgia last year.

The newly christened “Ella’s Walk: In memory of Meredith Hope Emerson” is named for Emerson’s dog, who was with her when she was kidnapped on New Year’s Day 2008. The 2-year-old Labrador mix was adopted by Emerson from a rescue organization and now lives with Emerson’s parents in Longmont.

“Meredith was concerned with making a difference in the world,” her mother, Susan Emerson, said in a prepared statement. “We feel she would be honored to have her and Ella’s names associated with Longmont Humane Society’s dog walk. While we will always miss Meredith dearly, we know her spirit is alive and well and with us still.”

It’s far from her only memorial. A fund established in her name raised more than $37,000 for the Longmont Humane Society last year. A public lobby in the Humane Society’s new Allen Center was dedicated in Emerson’s memory and now includes a wood bench built by her father, Dave Emerson. A photo portrait of Meredith Emerson will be placed there Tuesday.

Emerson lived in Longmont for four years and graduated from Niwot High School in 2001. She went to the University of Georgia and stayed in the state after earning a degree in French.

Emerson disappeared Jan. 1, 2008, during a hike near Blood Mountain, Ga. Just a week before, she had been visiting friends and family in Colorado, including a Dec. 23, 2007, visit to make Christmas cookies with high school friends Laura Lewis of Denver and Amy Sorensen of Las Vegas.

“It had been two years since we last saw each other,” Lewis said in a Jan. 5, 2008, interview. “I was so glad we had that last goodbye. And it was so good to know that the respect and the love of our friendship was still there.”

Emerson was killed Jan. 4, 2008, and her body was found three days later. A 61-year-old drifter, Gary Michael Hilton, confessed to kidnapping Emerson as part of a failed robbery attempt and then murdering her.

Clay Evans of the Longmont Humane Society said the organization first approached Emerson’s family about “Ella’s Walk” in November.

“We gave them a while to think about it,” Evans said. “They decided they thought it was a good way to keep Meredith’s spirit alive and her love for animals.”

The 3-mile walk will begin May 17 at the Boulder County Fairgrounds and then proceed around Golden Ponds. Walkers collect pledges in advance to raise money for lost and homeless animals. After the walk, the Furry Friends Expo will offer food, activities, music and more.

“We hope people will honor her memory by focusing on her passion for life, her willingness to help others and her love of animals and children,” Susan Emerson said. “So many who have written us remember her smile, her love of learning and her compassionate heart. These letters bring tears to our eyes and warmth to our hearts.”

Scott Rochat can be reached at 303-684-5220 or srochat@times-call.com.

CP by Wolfscratch

Glenn Adams said...

Fungsy was on Topix from the beginning, I think. She was so smart about all things earthy and natural healing stuff. We share a lot of thoughts in common.

I always respected Justice Is Right and thought she had to be a judge or attorney or something because she was so insightful. I got to know many others, like Little Britches and River Angel. I started talking to TLS 51 and Green Eyed Lady (Miami). Then Sledog showed up and wow! I was amazed at his knowledge and figured him to be a private eye. His map of GMH's possible victims was very thorough and he kept it updated. I think he and Glenn know that the Bryant's were murdered by GMH before the authorities.

Then, to try to protect Glenn, Little Brother came into the fold. What a sense of humor! And boy, he could get me riled up in a heartbeat. But I love him.

Soon, MawMaw showed up and really got on Glenn's case. But she did it out of love for him...and concern. She was like th glue that bonded us all together even more.

There were some trouble makers...Oracle (Franna called him Boracle), Peach, and who could forget Taze? I wish I had a nickel for everytime Glenn said: "Don't taze me, bro." And Greenman. She was such a sad soul and had been through so much in her life. But she tormented Little Brother terribly.
And remember Hershey? She left because she thought we were being mean to Taze on the "Mother's day Weekend Massacre." Glenn said that Hershey said, "There are no coincidences."

There was the Vinny Sequel. And Hairbow, Glenn.
Remember when we all put hairbows on our Ataris?

I think that may have been when we all moved to Fox because Topix kept deleting our posts. And Glenn, I believe, or maybe Sleddy invited Crow to join. And Crow invited Pugs, I believe.

What a group. I met Franna in Cumming a Steak and Shake over a year ago and we had the best time. We talked and talked.
Then I went to Tate and showed up unannounced at Glenn and Little Brother's businesses and we bonded immediately. I love their families, too.

I also drove with Franna to Clarkesville to meet T and Little Bro and Beauty showed up. That was a great time at the Baron York Tea Room. T was so pretty. She is as pretty on the outside as she is on the inside.

I had dinner with Glenn, Bonnie, Miami Keke (what a treat to meet Keke), Roman, Trish, Victoria, Adam and Maddie Boo at Applebees in Dawsonville during the "Right to Hike" campaign.

I spent MM's birthday with her when she drove all the way to Gainesville for a weekend. I was totally mesmerized by this wonderfully funny, witty and SKINNY person. But she is larger than life.

I missed the first Pie Fest. Sorry. That's all I can say now is sorry. I had no idea that my missing it would create so much anger and animosity. I never meant to hurt anyone over anything in this group.

Right now, Richie and I are facing the most life shattering thing we have ever had to face. I have not felt safe here to talk about it.
It's strange because I have always felt safe in this group to share anything. But not anymore.

The reason for this long post is that I am bidding you all goodbye. I may lurk for awhile because I think I need to wean myself from this group. Or I may not lurk at all. I don't know what I will do once I push submit. You all have my email addresses and most have my cell number. I love you and will miss being a part of this. But this is the direction I feel compelled to go in.

Thank you for everything.


Hope she reconsiders, but if not, She will be missed very much....


Glenn Adams said...

An interview of Gary Michael Hilton by Pickens Co, SC; Sheriff, concerning Jason Knapp. Pay close attention to the Cheryl Dunlap reference:



Glenn Adams said...


one of the first forums wxia tv
wesside story safety tips on the Appalacian Trail

The My Cousin Vinny Sequel

Glenn Adams said...

Joe Chastain is a ‘Master Dowser’, and was self taught, over 40 years ago. He locates graves and marks them for Historical Societies, Law Enforcement, Developers, and Private Citizens locating Ancestor’s family plots.
About 5 years ago, I witnessed Joe dowse the James Daniel Cemetary, for the Marble Hill Historical society. Seems someone had stolen the Marble Headstones, and with decades of neglect, the forest had reclaimed their location.
I was intrigued, and began dabbling in it myself. A few days after the journey began backtracking Gary Michael Hilton, late in the evening, a local business owner informed me of witnessing GMH, at the Wildcat Tract Campsite: Dawson Forest WMA, on many occasions. Said that his makeshift clothesline contained as many as a dozen sleeping bags.
After learning this information, with nightfall approaching, I drove to the campsite/staging area/ den, to scout it out.
Once I arrived within aproximately 100 yards from the entrance to his den, I was overwhelmed with emotion. It was obvious to me that I had discovered and entered his ritual grounds. His many victims were crying out for revelation…
I cried a river of tears…
Due to the darkness, I returned to my home and contacted Master Dowser Joe Chastain, that night before I dowsed GMH’s primary den, for suggestions and tips. He gave me a crash course, and was very helpful with his counsel and suggestions.
After a very long night, I arrived at the primitive forest campground before daybreak.
If you have never experienced, when the Forest comes alive at daybreak, the birds begin singing their melodies, and mother natures’ other creatures begin stirring, and a feeling of peace rolls in like a gentle wind.
When the Forest came alive that spectacular day, it was if the animals were rejoicing, as if they knew that the evil creature that had permeated their home for decades was gone and would never contaminate their peace and serenity again….



Ethan Smith said...

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