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Rise and Shine, It's a Beautiful Day!

Glenn Adams, Vinny.

My plan is to, leave the Memorial in it's present location at 105 Goshen Church Rd., 30534 at Afton Road, Dawsonville, GA, until word of mouth, gets around. Then I will try to get sponsors to move it to an animal rescue, for folks to visit the memorial and pay their respects to Meredith Emerson; while increasing adoptions and provide additional operating expenses. to the animal rescues. In my heart, I feel that this is the very least, that I can do for her. May she rest in peace, she was my neighbor for just four days...

Glenn Adams; Vinny....

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Meredith Hope Emerson, and her Black Lab puppy was kidnapped on 01/01/08, from the Appalacian Trail: They loved the Splendor of the Majestic; Mountains. If you would like some; "Inspiration", Go to this site, and click on full screen. You will be glad you Did!

Be sure to click it on Full Screen...

Meredith Hope Emerson, loving, caring, an important part of nature, She and her dog Ella, loved the mountains and outdoors. Where the rhodendrum grow , the hemlock stand tall, and the Eagle soars, Just sitting marvelling at the appalacians; so majestic with splendor, She and Ella, playing, hiking, and bonding with love, The forest, inhabitants; birds, and deer meander, The meadows in Bucktown, will take your breath, and wild azaleas bloom, The sun rising high, the forest comes alive, the honey bees and Butterflys. Black bears just lumbering along, the birds singing mother nature’s favorite song. Hikers come from all over to hike the AT, some hiking it short, some hiking it long, She and Ella thought of this as a paradise, for whatever it’s worth, When they were one, with the earth, my only request is, and I pray, That they meet again on that endless Rainbow Bridge, entering Heaven , as our somber nation prays, she was my neighbor for just 4 days.

Report This!bonnieglenn
4/13/2008 5:20 am
Vince, Meredith Hope Emerson: Blood Mtn. Hiker:AT, was a kindred spirit. Please share the dedication for this song in honor of her. She was a fighter, and still is. Go to glennindawson , and Meredith Hope Emerson Memorials for inspiration.A poem that I wrote for her is on the next comment. I love the song"Go rest high on that mountain!" Play it several times everyday. Did you write it in memory of your brother?
Glenn Adams: may they rest in peace; high on the mountain...

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Hello bloggers, friends:
A personal message:
In Memory of Meredith Emerson

Meredith had a great love for animals. She adopted her beloved Ella, who is now 1 year old, as a puppy from a rescue organization. Everyone has fallen in love with Ella, and she will go home with Meredith's family to live.

Because of Meredith's deep connection to animals, her family suggests that those wanting to make a donation in her memory give to Longmont Humane Society through this page.

Thank you so much for remembering Meredith this way.

Please go this site and read how this kiindred spirit has affected complete strangers with her love for animals and humanity.. :http://www.firstgiving.com/meredithemerson

This horrible tragedy can never defeat Meredith's radiant, inspiring spirit and courage.
Frances 4/2/2008 I am a hiker, martial arts trained, & have a dog that resembles Ella, so my empathy is beyond words.
Diane, Dave, Sampson & Katie 3/29/2008 I am very sorry for you loss, our thoughts and prayers are with you!
Dave, Marshon & Trevor 3/27/2008 Meredith's light will shine on forever! All our love and prayers...
deborah m 3/27/2008 Peace to Meredith's family
Betty & Richard Britt 3/27/2008 May the precious memories of Meredith & the enduring love of Ella bring peace to your hearts.
The Morelli Family 3/24/2008 Meredith embodied the true meaning of human kindness. May peace be with your family.
Anonymous 3/24/2008 In memory of Meredith. I will always admire her bravery.
Sarah 3/24/2008
Ken & Kelly Brunnemer 3/24/2008 God Bless
KEVIN BLANKENSHIP 3/23/2008 So sorry for your loss
Lisa Mayo 3/13/2008
anonymous 3/12/2008 Meredith is not forgotten! God's blessings

Wolfscratch; She was a kindred spirit and a Fighter, she still is, may she rest in peace high up on that mountain...


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Name pronunciation and origin
The primary standard pronunciation of the range is with a long-A, as "app-uh-LAY-chan". The alternative pronunciation, with a short-A, "app-uh-LATCH-an" is often used east of the range in the Piedmont region, such as in North Carolina. The short-A pronunciation is used for Appalachian State University of Boone, North Carolina. It turns out that the short-A version, used by a minority, is arguably the correct way to say it.

When the Spanish explorer Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca and his crew were exploring the Florida coast in 1528, they found a Native American town which they transliterated as Apalachen (ah-pah-LAH-chen). This name and its short-A pronunciation were applied to a nearby body of water, now spelled Apalachee Bay, to the Apalachicola River and the Apalachicola Bay, and to the city known as Apalachicola, Florida. The word "Apalachen" was also applied to an inland mountain range, and through the course of time it became applied to the entire range and its spelling was changed. Although the long-A pronunciation for the mountain range is standard, it is at odds with its origin.


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At Six Flags Over Georgia
Slain Hiker's Legacy To Help Save Lives
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Posted By: Keith Whitney

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- It was a brutal murder that sent a shudder through anyone who heard about it.

But Meredith Emerson's friends wanted to make sure that the Gwinnett County hiker did not die in vain.

Through the "Dining to Donate" program at Applebee's Restaurants, the community turned out Wednesday night to help her friends keep that promise.

"The outpouring of support that we received from all over Atlanta and Georgia and even the nation was the backbone of what we wanted to do," said Julia Karrenbauer, Emerson's best friend.

Proceeds from diners at the restaurant chain's forty Metro Atlanta restaurants will help raise money for Right To Hike, Inc., the nonprofit set up in Emerson's memory.

"We pride ourselves on being a neighborhood restaurant," said Applebee's Ashley Sasher. "And we love to give back to the neighborhood that supports us."

Many of those helping with the event were also in the woods helping with the search last winter.

"We were activated to go out and assist on the search and assist the families," said Capt. Frank Woods. "And it affected us all at the department we've continued to stay active with it."

Inside the restaurant on Perimeter Center Place, just off Georgia 400, diners quietly remembered the young girl whose death at the hands of suspected serial killer Gary Hilton shocked all of Atlanta.

"The whole tragedy really touched me and broke my heart we followed it all the way through my prayers were with the family and the young woman the whole time," said Jodie Franks as she waited for her meal with her 10 year-old son Trevor. "When I found out that they were doing a non-profit to make sure that wouldn't happen to other people I thought that was a powerful statement and a really good thing to do, and this was something that we could do something to help."

The money will fund scholarships for students at UGA, microchips for pets, and hand-held GPS locators that hikers will be able to rent in the woods. A push of a button will tell police that you need help, while giving them your precise coordinates.

"They're called spot pagers," said Karrenbauer, "that can help hikers, runners, anyone really; and they work basically when cell phones do not."

If you would like to donate, just go to www.righttohikeinc.com.


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Jennifer Pharr-Davis, feels Meredith's Kindred Spirit as many across the Nation and World does.
She has channeled these emotions in a positive manner by devoting this challenge to her Memory...

Not Backing Down:

by Jennifer Pharr

My phone rang on January 3rd.

“Hey, Jen. Glad you picked up. I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” I reassured my friend. “What’s up?”

“Well, I heard a report on the news that a 24-year-old female was missing after hiking alone in the Southern Blue Ridge and, well…I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”

That phone call marked the moment that Meredith Emerson began to impact my life.

Within the past four months, the deaths of Irene Bryant, Cheryl Hodges Dunlap, and especially Meredith Emerson have deeply penetrated my thoughts and emotions. Like all three women, I love hiking. I have hiked over 5,000 miles in the past three years, and 95 percent of those steps have been taken alone as a solo hiker.

When Irene Bryant, who lived 15 minutes from my hometown of Hendersonville, N.C., was found murdered on a popular trail 20 miles away, I was sickened by how close the event was to me, both physically and emotionally. I remember second-guessing my upcoming day and overnight hikes in the area, and I particularly remember a phone conversation with my concerned dad who begged me to be extra cautious of people and surroundings while hiking in the local parks.

Then, two months later when I heard Cheryl Hodges Dunlap’s body had been recovered in a Florida national forest, I felt violated and angered that someone would prey on a single female hiking alone. The event further confirmed my recent decision not to hike the 1,400-mile Florida Trail alone this winter.

But when the story of Meredith Emerson’s tragic death began to surface, I couldn’t verbalize my emotions. I didn’t know how to feel. The only thing I could do was cry. For a full week after her body was recovered, I would turn on my computer every morning and cry over a new article. I cried over her disappearance, and then I cried over her confirmed death. I cried over the touching sentiments of Meredith’s friends and family in the wake of her passing. I cried over her obituary and the many internet memorials that testified to a life well lived, but one that was cut short. I cried for Meredith, I cried for her family, and—unknowingly—I cried for myself.

Meredith’s bio is eerily similar to my own. We were the same age, the same marital status, and the same race. We were recent college graduates with similar degrees. We both loved wine and foreign culture, four-legged creatures, and good books. We both loved creation and the Creator to the point that both of us volunteered in a Presbyterian Church nursery during our college years. On top of that, we both loved the woods, loved to hike, and felt safe and experienced in the wilderness. Reading Meredith’s obituary was like staring death in the face. The realization of her fate shook me because I could not separate what happened to her from what could or may still happen to me.

I don’t remember school psychology so I don’t know what stages of grief I went through. All I know is that initially I felt scared. I felt scared to hike, scared to pursue what I love. I felt anxious on my next trail run and paranoid on my next hike. I even flipped out when a neighbor of mine unexpectedly approached me in the dark. As someone not easily upset or scared, I was now constantly looking over my shoulder.

Eventually, though, my fear evolved into anger. How could someone carry out such a hateful and twisted act? What kind of deranged background and mental disorder does this killer have that would cause him to do such evil? How dare he end such a beautiful life with his sinister motives? And why Meredith? Why this gracious, loving woman in the prime of her youth? Why not someone else? Why not me?

I’m not sure why Meredith experienced this painful departure, but what I do know is that in her passing I witnessed sincere sorrow for of this 24-year old hiker. Meredith’s memorial page on the internet was bombarded with messages and prayers from men and women, young and old, East-Coasters, West-Coasters, and residents everywhere in between. The page had posts from animal lovers, tree huggers, and people who simply recognized a shining star snuffed out by the evil of the world. After several weeks of reading about and praying for Meredith Emerson, I now carry peace that she lived life to the fullest, that she loved and was dearly loved, and that she will never be forgotten.

Although I sometimes feel guilty that fate called Meredith home early when it just as easily could have been me, I have found peace and purpose in attempting to keep her memory alive and her passion ablaze. This summer I am thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail for myself, for Cheryl, for Irene, and especially for Meredith. I am thru-hiking as a statement to any human predators who disturb the serenity, peace, and safety of the woods. Such men cannot take stifle my love of nature and solitude; they can only make me appreciate it more.

I am hiking the trail north to south this year. Providentially, on my second to last day of the trail, I will pass over Blood Mountain, the site of Meredith’s last hike. There I will pause, pray, and remember Meredith Emerson. I will sit on the mountain and whisper words into the breeze, and the words will be carried away to where Meredith can hear them. I will thank her for her courage and her example. I will tell her how she inspired me to hike, and more importantly, I will tell her how she inspired me to live. I will remind her that she hasn’t been forgotten, and that she never will be forgotten. Then, I will stand up and do exactly what Meredith would want me to do – I’ll keep hiking.

C/P by Wolfscratch

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Dear Right to Hikers,

We would like to send out a sincere thank you to everyone that was able to come out and participate in the First Annual Ella's 5k and Fun Run. We had over 600 people register and the foundation raised over $13,000 to put towards our initiatives of outdoor safety and education.

The overall male winner was TJ Bultema and he crossed the finish line with his dog. The overall female winner was Rebecca Gregory and we would like to congratulate them on their impressive efforts.

One of the best parts of the day was to see everyone out there with their dogs. Meredith and Ella shared a relationship that only dog owners understand and we know a lot of people saw that in Meredith. She would have loved to see owners and pets enjoying their time together in her memory.

We hope that everyone was able to enjoy The Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center and their beautiful trails. Meredith and Ella truly enjoyed their time out there and the trail that was named after Meredith means so very much to her friends, family and those that continue to care about her and her lasting memory.

We would like to also thank our volunteers, we could not have done it without you. An early arrival and cool temperatures did not deter them from helping pull this event together and we appreciate all of their hard work. Also, our thanks goes out to our sponsors who really made this event possible. Our signage was beautiful and fully donated by Progress Container and Display, a big thank you to you and your staff!

All of the 5k times have now been posted on our webiste under events and Ella's 5k Results. Also Race Photography was provided by Sports in Motion Photography and event photos can be viewed and purchased now at www.simphotos.com.

We can not wait to begin planning our next events and Ella's 5k and Fun Run again next year. If you have any comments or ideas, we would be more than happy to hear them. Please drop us an email at info@righttohikeinc.com. Thank you all again!

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Winton Porter owner of Mtn Crossing Trail Head Trading Post & author of 'Trail Angel' ellegy...

An Elegy by Winton Porter
January 2008

Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises.
Meredith, whose kind and loving spirit was cruelly taken from all those who knew and loved her, has joined the ranks of trail angels.
She will forever be our guide.

Because trail angels dance along the path of peace and joy forever.
Because trail angels watch over those who merely want to walk forever.
Those who simply want to live.
Those who want to live simply.
And beautifully as Meredith did.
Merediths light once illuminated the path of hundreds of friends and family members as well as among the many, many she touched along the graceful trail of her life.
The light Meredith brought us has not been extinguished.
It has risen.
It now illuminates the path of millions
Across our nation.
Around the world.
And as her light rises, we come to know its source.
A source inextinguishable.
An inner source.
It came from Merediths compassion.
Her kindness.
Her love of outdoors.
Her love of animals.
It now fires our love.
Our compassion.
Our resolve to live better lives.
Kinder lives.
It warms us, consoles us, unites us here and now.
And as her light rises,
It ignites in us the good of our natures.
It reveals to us the beauty of these mountains.
It fires in us a renewed joy for living, for those around us, for the walks we share today.
Her light reminds us not to wait but to love while we still can.
Hush and truly listen.
Hear the drums?
Feel them on the wind?
Hear the human tales of triumph and sadness that echo through these vast and ancient mountains?
These are human tales, bouncing off the cliffs,
Reverberating among the high tree lines,
Following the deep gaps.
Filling our hearts.
Separateness is an illusion, my friends.
There is no me.
There is no you.
There is only We.
We of this earth.
We the one.
I am you.
You are me.
Together , we are bound by common experience:
Love. Life. Hope. Joy. Sorrow. Pain. Memory.
Meredith Emerson is you.
You are Meredith Emerson.
Follow her light.
It will guide you well.
Out on the trail, when a comrade falls, a trail angel rises...

CP by Wolfscratch

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While searching the internet for any updates on GMH & Associates, or information on the many victims of this tragedy, I went to the

Guest Book for Meredith Emerson – Online Guest Book by Legacy.com.

I noticed that there is thousands of heartfelt comments. They are from all over the world and comments are coming in almost a year and a half later.
Think that total strangers have been touched and that there is still public interest in this tragic case?

June 06, 2009
A deep sadness washes over me when I think of what Meredith went through. From what I read of what happened, Meredith did all she could to not have it end the way it did. Sadly, it places a fear in many; but, in the words of Shakespeare, "Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once." Meredith was valiant - a person that lived her life to the fullest. We should all take precautions, as Meredith did, but remember to live every day as if it were our last. May God Bless Meredith and bring peace to her loved ones...
Westfield, New Jersey
May 21, 2009
I didn't know Meredith, as many here, but she touched my life in so many ways.

What an Angel on earth Meredith must have been to those who knew and loved her!

Meredith is now an Angel in Heaven, watching over those she loved and held dear.

My prayers are with the family
April 27, 2009
I never met Meredith. I watched the news closely and worried while she was lost. I broke down in tears upon hearing the news that she may have been killed. I continued to grieve when she was found.

She had the strength that all women wish for, especially those of us fellow hiking females who feel safety and independence in hiking with our dogs. I prayed for her during the days she was missing as the media introduced us to a strong, self-sufficient and outgoing friend. I continue to pray for her family and her poor dog Ella who experienced untold fear and loss.

My parents worry about me as I venture out on my own with my dog. I can no longer reassure them of my safety that I'll be okay hiking with my dog since this senseless brutal ending to a beautiful life.

I continue to feel sorrow for this loss. I will always think of Meredith & Ella while exploring trails with my dog and now have a renewed since of vigilance as I pray for my own safety as I now know that my safety is not guaranteed when meeting fellow hikers. It is a sad day that we must live in fear.

To her parents I offer my sincerest sympathies and wish them peace. Know that her life affected many.

With sadness in my heart,
Rovella Funk,
Romney, West Virginia
April 27, 2009
Meredith, I do not understand why this happened to you, but your courage, spirit and strength inspires me. I did not know you, but I wish I had; may you rest in peace. May your family and friends find comfort in your memory. You will be in my prayers.
Marta Karwowska,
San Francisco, California
April 09, 2009
I did not know Meredith's story until tonight. I marvel at her strength, and mourn her loss. What a lovely, vibrant young woman; I hope that memories of her bring her family comfort and peace. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.
carpinteria, California
2756 entries


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"Smoke and Mirrors"

"Very Important meeting that illustrates the 'SMOKE and MIRRORS' PR(Propaganda & Rumor) Strategy, used by Law Enforcement, and reported by the media(Local and National), in the Tragic Fiasco Labeled 'The Meredith Emerson Investigation'...

The last paragraph of Page 3, if not for the tragidc outcome, would be almost humorous...
What galaxy are they living in..
Pay close attention to Page 4: Psychological Arrests: Keenan says that Gary Hilton, was stopped by LE in Three States, but was a 'Master' at preventing his arrest....

The 'Four Hour Response Time to the Marble Hill Huddle House' by the GBI & LE, on 01/03/08, was conviently omitted from the minutes of the meeting. Where were the GBI Helicopters on this date?

She should have been rescued. This Mission was far from being a Success. The Community and Meredith Hope Emerson's family needs to know the truth...the Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth...

May She Rest in Peace...

Glenn Adams


Vice-Chairman Donald called the June Board meeting to order
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
finally, to Dawson County, where Meredith Emerson's body was recovered.... Since the Missing Persons file was set up in 1972, there are 608 women entered in that ... Lab to have scientists come in on Sunday to begin receiving some of DNA evidence.... how to keep law enforcement from not making an arrest on him....


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May she rest in Peace.....


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'Right To Hike'... In Memory of 'Meredith Hope Emerson', "An Evening of Hope":


In Memory of the Victims of Crime:


WS: Prospective: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYQT4MxQxRE


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Wolfscratch: May the many inocent victims rest in peace..

wolfscratch said...

'Expanding the Vision'

CUE Center for the Missing and Murdered ORG National Conference 2010 Wilmington, NC : Cape Fear Riverfront...